War Remnants Museum – A Hotspot In HCMC With Real-Life Tanks & Torture Chambers

War Remnants Museum Collage

Housing many relics from the Vietnam war—including real-life tanks, choppers, artillery and ammunition, the War Remnants Museum is consistently popular with tourists, particularly Western tourists.

Few museums around the world convey the harrowing and brutal effects of war so powerfully and so accurately. In fact, many of the tools, machines and torture devices of the war are well preserved here, painting a dreadful story of the unthinkable atrocities that happened during the war.

There are many documents and photographs shown in the museum that may prove to be rather difficult to stomach. But for what it’s worth (a ticket costs just 15,000 VND per foreigner), we dare admit that the museum is truly worth spending half a day at, for what you’re likely to find, learn and experience is truly unlike any other.

War Remnants Museum Tank

Littered all over the museum’s courtyard, you will find US armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs, infantry weapons and even gunboats on display. Billions of dollars worth, this military equipment were all left behind after the Northern troops invaded down South.

War Remnants Museum Exhibits

When Saigon finally fell and when the Americans officially departed its shores, the government in Hanoi were left with plenty of hardware to choose from to showcase as display pieces.

War Remnants Museum Tiger Cages

Referred to during the war as ‘Tiger Cages’, visitors are given an inside look into how the living conditions of prisoners were in their massive Tiger Cage exhibit.

From a wide range of torture devices to actual jail cells, the atrocities you’ll likely find is pretty grim yet fascinating.

War Remnants Museum Exterior

War Remnants Museum
28 Vo Van Tan, District 3,
Ho Chi Minh City,
Tel: +84 28 3930 5587
Daily: 7am – 6pm

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