Omoomodon – Wallet-Friendly & Halal Korean Fusion Food With Customisable Bowls

Omoomodon Chasuken Ramen and Omo Remix

Tucked away at Kallang Wave Mall is Omoomodon, serving Halal Korean fusion rice and noodle bowls with a unique twist. Omoomodon is pronounced as ‘Omo-Omo-Don’. ‘Omo-omo’ is derived from the popular Korean slang “Oh My!”, while ‘don’ is translated to bowl in Japanese. The Korean expression in the name is used to depict pleasant surprise when their diners tuck into tasty customisable fusion bowls.

The wallet-friendly prices mean you will not have to break the bank. With the option to customise your meal exactly how you want—from your own rice bowl to a warm bowl of ramen or a delicious plate of steak—there are endless possibilities to what you can choose at Omoomodon.

We ordered the Omo Remix (S$12) and the Chasuken Ramen (S$13.50). The Omo Remix was served with Korean White Rice, Ebi Tempura, Chicken Cutlet, Pumpkin Croquette, Curry, Nori, Furikake and Onsen Tobikko.

Omoomodon Omo Remix

The Chicken Cutlet was tender and did not lose its juiciness in the process of deep-frying. The Ebi Tempura was tasty and the batter for this was well-seasoned. The highlight of the three was definitely the Pumpkin Croquette; we were surprised by how creamy and mouth-watering the inside was at first bite, and it contrasted nicely with the crispy breadcrumb coating.

The egg was still oozy when we cut into it, and the short grain rice was fragrant and fluffy.

Omoomodon Chasuken Ramen

The Chasuken Ramen came in a large portion with Soy Garlic Broth, Chicken Char Siew, Onsen Tobikko, Black Fungus, and Nori. The egg for this dish was flowy as well, giving the dish a creamier flavour. The succulent Chicken Char Siew was slightly sweet from the marinade and was absolutely delicious.

The noodles were springy and complemented the star of the dish wonderfully: the Soy Garlic Broth. Incredibly flavourful without being too salty, we loved the broth so much and needless to say, we completely devoured this entire dish.


By the time we finished our meal, lunchtime came around and Omoomodon was packed with young workers awaiting a table. Clearly, this restaurant is a popular lunch destination.

1 Stadium Place
Kallang Wave Mall, #01-40
Singapore 397628
Tel: +65 6702 1835
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Stadium