Instagrammer’s Guide To Joo Chiat: Wallholla Playground, Shophouses, Murals, And More

Joo Chiat Instagram

Our latest mission to up your Instagram game brought us to the Joo Chiat neighbourhood where we uncovered colourful shophouses, a vertical playground, creative murals, and architecture.

Nailing an Instagram-worthy photo can be a tricky thing but always keep an eye out for even the most unlikely of places. Remember, don’t just do this for the gram. Have fun and explore all the ways you can frame your shots because that creative challenge is a huge reason why avid photographers can keep revisiting the same ol’ place.

Find your own ways up the ante but here’s our guide to how you can start!


Joo Chiat Complex

The first thing we did was explore the Joo Chiat Complex right opposite Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre.

In an open area surrounded by outdoor retail shops and FairPrice are long panels in varying shades of green. Get in a full body portrait shot of that to capture the concept.

Joo Chiat Bridge

Another image you’d want to try is with the slanting link bridges between the complex and the carpark.

Joo Chiat Bridge Wide

If you can get in a wider shot you’ll catch its interesting angles.

Joo Chiat Vines

We explored deeper into the housing estate area and found a quiet resting spot with plenty of vines growing behind wooden chairs. It might be experimental but you could try framing this spot with leaves.


If you prefer an artsy backdrop for your #ootd, most of us know about Haji Lane and Joo Chiat, so rake in the likes with a couple of these murals.

Joo Chiat Mural

If you want to blend in with the picture, maybe try a walking shot or even get a gif of you touching the cattle.

Joo Chiat Jousting Painters

A playful splash of art we found deeper in the residential area along Everitt Road was the Jousting Painters mural.

Joo Chiat Mop Mural

Pull our your brolly right here to add some humour.


Joo Chiat Playground

You have to find this blue three-storey vertical structure in Carpmael Park and indulge the kid in you. This urban pay structure is a “Wallholla” playground with ribbon-like platforms that look like they’re floating within a metal cage.

Joo Chiat Playground 2

Climb through all its ins-and-outs while taking all kinds of crazy shots you need to fill your Instagram feed.


The Joo Chiat district is defined by its pre-war architecture and much of its charm from back when it was still a Peranakan enclave still remains. Play with the colours of its rows of two-storey shophouses and terrace houses that have been injected with some modernity from fresh tenants.

Joo Chiat Shophouse 2

Take pictures with ornate facades that bear reliefs and motifs.

Joo Chiat Shophouse 1

Or pose with those that exude minimalist vintage vibes.

Joo Chiat Shophouse 3

Get your cameras ready for whimsical pop of colours that accentuate the traditional architectural style too.


Joo Chiat Door

As you navigate yourself through the cobweb of narrow lanes and five-foot ways, you’ll easily come by collapsible grilles that are a nostalgic throwback to our grandparents’ youth.

To us, there are no fixed must-or-don’t methods to get That Instagrammable Shot because, to quote Ansel Adams, there are no rules for good photographs. Besides, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Have fun.