White Rabbit Ice Cream Is A Hit And White Rabbit Is Not Happy About It

White Ice Cream Collage

When the news broke that a popular LA-based ice cream parlour was selling ice cream a unique white rabbit-flavoured ice cream, the internet went mad. Pictures of these creamy white ice creams encased in packaging that distinctively resembles the signature White Rabbit wrapping have been circulating on social media platforms and everyone has been trying to get their hands on it.

One man on Weibo even went as far as to say that “for this reason alone, [he] decided that [he was] going to LA again”. But now, all of that hype might be all for nothing because the original manufacturers of said White Rabbit Sweet, Guan Sheng Yuan, is not happy with it and may potentially sue the ice cream parlour.

The White Rabbit ice cream was first sold at Wanderlust Creamery in Los Angeles during the Lunar New Year and it was such a massive hit that they decided to extend its sales period from its original 9 days up to the end of March. To date, over 50 gallons of the ice cream has been sold. 

white rabbit ice creamPhoto Credit: queeniestephy

The ice cream is so coveted that it is even being recreated in countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines. It has come to the point where different rival companies have begun to compete for ready stock of the White Rabbit candy.

However, there is a small problem—the ice cream is not legally allowed to be sold without official approval by Guan Sheng Yuan.

White-Rabbit-Ice-Cream-2Photo Credit: Inside Scoop 

White Rabbit manufacturer Guan Sheng Yuan has come forward and said that the product was created without authorisation and permission from the original White Rabbit company, who has been producing the popular candy since 1959. This means that Wanderlust Creamery could potentially be sued for brand infringement.

Whether this would affect future sales of White Rabbit ice cream in Wanderlust Creamery and other areas is still unclear. However, we hope that it doesn’t as we too would one day like to have the opportunity of trying this nostalgic dessert!