6 Unconventional Snacks To Get This CNY — Crocodile Meat & Coffee Bak Kwa?!

Unusual CNY Snacks Collage

Chinese New Year is the best time of the year to pig out, and being the year of the pig, we have all the more reason to do so. Snacking is a huge part of the celebrations and often we find ourselves emptying entire boxes of pineapple tarts, bak kwa, love letters and cookies faster than our arteries can handle.

Sure, these classic favourites hold a special place in our hearts but perhaps it is time to step away from tradition and go for something a little more unconventional this upcoming Chinese New Year.

We explored the streets of Chinatown and found a couple of oddities—some are creative, while some are just plain exotic. Feeling ballsy? Here are 6 unconventional snacks to get this CNY.

CNY Jellies Collage


Roam the streets of Chinatown and you’d find several stalls selling these individually packed jellies—a great substitute for the usual sweets we often see lying around in baskets. Coming in unique flavours such as Cherry Blossom and Coffee, these treats will definitely be a hit among children and adults alike!

Green Bean Paste Pastry


Lunar New Year Snacks should not just stop at pineapple tarts and almond cookies. The aforementioned snacks are definitely must-haves in a Chinese household during the festive period, but do also make it a point to try out other pastries such as Green Bean Paste Pastry! Some may shun the idea of it, but we’re sure that this might become a new-found favourite amongst many.

Peanut Puff


Also known as Kok Chai, peanut puffs are actually traditional Malaysian snacks that are essentially made with sweet ground peanut encased within a crisp, buttery shell. Shaped like mini curry puffs, these goodies symbolizes abundant wealth for the year ahead and are extremely popular in Malaysia. Try these out this coming New Year!

Durian Kueh Lapis


Love the pungent smell of the King of Fruits and the buttery textures of the various layers of kueh lapis? Imagine the two combined! It may sound like just another a calorie-loaded snack, but this sinful yet decadent cake might just be worth it!

Lobster Bak Kwa


Feeling like a king? Ditch the pork slices and opt for something more premium to treat both yourself and your guests. There are several stalls serving Lobster Bak Kwa, and while the slices bear a huge resemblance to the usual pork slices, the prices sure speak for the difference in ingredients. 500 grams of Lobster Bak Kwa can set you back by S$40.

Flavoured Bak Kwa Collage


Yes, our foodie nation is always bursting with creativity when it comes to food trends, but to come up with Crocodile Meat Bak Kwa and Coffee Fusion Meat Bak Kwa is truly #nextlevel.

For the adventurous who are constantly on a lookout for something unconventional to try (or to prank someone), these would be it. To say that these flavours are exotic is truly an understatement!