12 Highly Raved Supper Spots In The East Of Singapore For The Night Owls

Supper Spots In The East

While the idea of supper is frowned upon by the fitness community, especially those of you who are now embarking on your “new year, new me” journey, it’s unfortunately, something that’s inescapable, no matter how disciplined you try to be.

When you’re forced to stay up late either for work, or what not, late-night hunger pangs will strike inevitably, and that’s where we come in. Supper is a quintessential part of our diets (we’re not sorry) and as such, it’s our moral duty to always know where to go whenever we feel hungry at night.

The Eastern part of Singapore bustles with several late-night eateries, some well-known and some not so much. Whatever the case, you’re in luck because here, we have sussed 12 of the most highly raved night-time supper spots in the East.

Chai Chee Pork Porridge


Nestled within the folds of Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre, Chai Chee Pork Porridge offers a selective but enticing range of porridge dishes, with their speciality being the pork porridge. A standard-sized bowl (S$3.50) features a massive portion of velvety smooth pork porridge with a side of crispy dough fritters and generous amounts of pork meatballs and pork slices.

85 Bedok North Street 4
85 Fengshan Centre #01-23
Singapore 460085
Tel: +65 9672 0521
Daily: 5pm – 2am
Nearest Station: Bedok

Chan BBQ Stingray


Located in the popular Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre, Chan BBQ is where you can find mighty good, sizzling-hot plates of barbecued sambal stingray, on top of a wide array of barbecued seafood delights.

Coated with a generous serving of sambal sauce and served on a banana leaf, dive right in with your fork to reveal a sizeable portion of fresh, tender stingray that oozes with spicy, savoury flavour.

85 Fengshan Centre #01-24
85 Bedok North Road
Singapore 460089
Daily: 5pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Bedok

Fei Fei Wanton Mee


Located in Joo Chiat, many have claimed this shop to sell one of Singapore’s best wanton mee. While we’re on the fence on that, we must admit that their wanton mee is pretty decent. Their wanton mee is delicious as is, but if you’re the type who loves heat, then definitely go for their famous dry chilli version.

72 Joo Chiat Place,
Singapore 427789
Daily: 24-hours
Nearest Station: Eunos


A popular supper spot that is no stranger to anyone who lives in the East, this coffee shop dishes out anything and everything from the humble roti prata to butter chicken and naan.

Their coin prata is a must-try and besides being moulded and cooked fresh upon order, comes with savoury sambal—nope, not curry—that just makes the dish so much more enjoyable (and interesting)

335 Bedok Road,
Singapore 469510
Tel: +65 6243 2086
Daily: 24-hours
Nearest Station: Tanah Merah



Perhaps one of the more reputable Chinese-owned nasi lemak stalls in Singapore, this humble brand now has 3 outlets islandwide with one being the East—along Tanjong Katong Road. We love that their rice is fragrant and how their chicken wings are crispy, succulent and flavourful every time.

Aside from the usual chicken wing, egg and ikan bilis, feel free to add on items such as prawn fritters, fried wontons and more!

2 Parkstone Road,
Singapore 437649
Tel: +65 6287 0020
(Closed on Thursdays)
Mon to Sun: 5.30pm – 2.30am
Nearest Station: Dakota

Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee


Cheap yet superb in terms of taste and quantity, Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee is truly one of the best we’ve ever tasted. Prepared using simple ingredients including handmade egg noodles, pork meatballs, minced pork and soup, the combination of these straightforward elements result in an explosion of flavours that promise both comfort and amazing flavour.

Blk 85 Bedok North St 4 #01-08
85 FengShan Food Centre
Singapore 460085
Daily: 5pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Bedok

Seng kee black chicken herbal soup


If you’re ever hankering after a solid bowl of soup, one that promises maximum comfort and deliciousness with every sip, then take a drive down to Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup. Despite boasting an extensive menu, there really is only two things that we go back for, their Herbal Soup Mee Sua and their Chao Da Bee Hoon.

467 Changi Road,
Singapore 419887
Tel: +65 6746 4089
Daily: 11am – 4am
Nearest Station: Kembangan

Shi Wei Da Feng Shan Satay Bee Hoon


A sizeable plate of Satay Bee Hoon from this humble stall in Bedok 85 Food Centre comes with a generous portion of bee hoon (rice vermicelli) and ingredients such as kang kong and cuttlefish, that upon serving, is topped with a copious amount of luscious satay gravy.

Every mouthful screams pure deliciousness followed by a sweet, nutty aroma that does well to balance out the subtle heat of the gravy. The best part? They’re open until 12am daily!

Blk 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-41
85 Fengshan Centre
Singapore 460085
Mon to Sun: 5pm – 12am
Nearest Station: Bedok

Springleaf Prata


A prata eatery is a prata eatery until they start coming up with creative versions that border on insane. Over at Springleaf Prata Place, opt for some of the house specials which include the Plaster Blaster (a prata Benedict of sorts), Murtaburger, Umami 50 and Special Paper.

57B Jalan Tua Kong,
Singapore 457253
Tel: +65 6636 2935
Daily: 8am – 11.45pm
Nearest Station: Bedok

Tang Tea House Dim Sum


Delicately prepared by a team of experienced Shanghainese chefs, Tang Tea House is known for their dim sum that are both delicious and pork-free. Ranging from chicken pau, har gao, siew mai and steamed chicken dumplings, the choices that you can opt for are pretty much endless.

Aside from dim sum, they also have zi char and various noodle and rice-based items as well.

357 Bedok Road,
Singapore 469545
Tel: +65 6445 9100
Sun to Thu: 11am – 3am
Fri & Sat: 11am – 4am
Nearest Station: Tanah Merah

Roti John


A quintessential suburban supper place that defines late night dining, Spize is much loved—until recently at least—for their wide array of dishes ranging from Indian, Western to even Mediterranean food.

Rest assured that their Bedok branch serves good quality grub devoid of salmonella and the likes—believe us, we recently paid a visit there and are still very much alive and well.

336 Bedok Road,
Bedok Shopping Complex,
Singapore 469512
Sun to Thu: 12pm – 2am
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 3am
Nearest Station: Tanah Merah

Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian Bak Chor Mee


People often debate over whether theirs or their neighbour’s bak chor mee is better, but frankly both are just as good. Serving theirs in soup, a humble bowl sees a generous portion of thin egg noodles, flavoured minced pork and meatballs that are both bouncy and possess a strong hint of dried fish.

85 Bedok North Road, #01-07
85 Fengshan Centre
Singapore 460085
(Closed on Thursdays)
Fri to Wed: 12.30pm – 12.30am
Nearest Station: Bedok