Cannibal Cave Tour – An Unforgettable Cave Safari In Fiji Island’s Naihehe Caves

Off road Safari and Naihehe Cave Fiji

In Fiji, the tour to the Naihehe Caves takes thrill seekers on a journey, exploring Fiji’s dark history of cannibalism culture.  The cave once stood as a fortress for one of Fiji’s last cannibal tribes and while currently inhabited (thankfully) is definitely one tourist spot that’s worth exploring.

Delve deep into Fiji’s past and witness where first-hand cannibalism practices took place back in the days of yore. Here is what you can expect on the Sigatoka River and Off-Road Safari tour.

Off road collage

To kick off the tour, there would be a jet boat thrill ride which would bring you along the Sigatoka River. After the short boat ride, you will alight and hop on to the off-road ATV and embark on a bumpy 10-mile journey through the Sigatoka Town in which you would pass by 3 local villages.

During this ride, you get a brief glimpse of Fijians going about their daily lives. There would be several stops along the way where you’d be able to capture the natural beauty of the landscape so do bring your cameras along!

The guides will share with you several interesting facts about of Fiji—we heard that the children in Fiji had to swim across the river to get to school daily!


Before entering the Naihehe Cave, it is mandatory for visitors to participate in a customary kava ceremony at the priest’s house. For those who haven’t heard, Kava is Fiji’s national drink and it is essentially made by combining the root of a pepper plant and mixing it with spring water to give it a numbing sensation upon consumption.

After the traditional Kava ceremony, a short 15-minute trek through the wilderness would lead you to the Naihehe Caves where yet another fascinating adventure will begin.

Naihehe Cave

Lo and behold, the Naihehe Cave—the area which is most renowned for cannibalism activities in the past when cannibalism was still very much prevalent in Fiji. Fijian chiefs ate the flesh of their enemies, believing that doing so would bestow power, control and was also a way to take revenge and give insult. Fret not, because the last cannibalism activity that took place was said to be in 1907.

The Naihehe Cave is home to several interesting areas, including the legendary ‘Pregnancy Gap’ near the entrance of the cave. In the past, those who are unable to fit through this gap at the entrance of the cave are said to be pregnant.

Pass through this gap and you would enter the Grand Cathedral Chamber—be prepared to be wowed by the breathtaking sight of sparkling stalactites, stalagmites, and underground springs.

Fiji Local Food

Before you bid farewell and make your way back to your resorts, there will be a barbecue meal prepared by the tour conductors as a form of gratitude and goodwill. After tucking in, feel free to take a dip in the swimming hole right beside the BBQ area!

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