Ecotrax – Cruise Through Marvelous Fiji On The World’s First Ecotrax

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Ecotrax Fiji is the world’s first ever electric rail-riders and it is one of the best ways for you to admire the natural beauty of Fiji’s sceneries.

In the past, Fiji used to have rail transport but they have since stopped its service. Green-inventor extraordinaire Howie de Vries invented the electric-assisted vehicles and used the now-defunct railway tracks to carry the carriages.

Eco Trax Bike


Fear not if you aren’t very physically fit. This 3-hour journey is suitable for anyone and everyone—be it for children, the disabled, the elderly and even those who do not know how to ride a bike, Ecotrax promises an adventure that everyone will enjoy.

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On this journey, the electric bikes will bring you through river crossings, mangroves, big rock cuttings, 2 villages as well as the ‘Tunnel of Love’.

Be prepared to be blown away by the breathtaking sceneries that surround you as you ride through villages and fields, and expect to see animals such as cows and horses which will look undoubtedly majestic against the stunning landscape.

Eco Trax Beach


After an hour or so, stop by the remote and untouched Vunabua Beach which is otherwise inaccessible. What you can expect at this beach are crystals clear waters, fresh air and a small island which you can swim or snorkel around.

During this pit stop, indulge in some light refreshments which typically include 3 types of local seasonal fruit on a platter and fresh coconut water. And by fresh, we meant that they literally get the coconuts from the coconut trees there and then!

Fiji Ecotrax Bikes

Should you be planning a trip to Fiji anytime soon, we suggest you leave a spot in your itinerary for this.

A tour at the Ecotrax costs FJD$129 for adults and FJD$69 for children between the age of 6 and 15 years old. Although it may seem pretty expensive, it is one unforgettable adventure that is worth every single penny.

Eco Trax
Tel: +679 977 0824

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