10 Unique Groceries In Mustafa Centre That You Probably Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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It is no secret that 24-hour shopping mall, Mustafa, is a shopping haven where you can find almost anything and everything you need. Packed head to toe with common things that you can find in your usual supermarket to oddities such as camel’s milk, Mustafa does not lack in any area.

This massive, never-ending building is almost impossible to completely conquer in a day. We took ages to just briefly browse through their food section and were left with no time at all to even check out their other levels.

From the unique to the never-before-seen, here is our list of 10 interesting groceries in Mustafa that you probably won’t be able to find in commercial supermarkets.

banana split eclairs


We love all things banana and we love eclairs, so we were pretty stoked to find out that they sold Banana Split Eclair candies here. Definitely, something interesting to try out when you’re craving for something sweet.

bittergourd juice


It’s time for conventional juice boxes such as orange juice, carrot juice and apple juice to scoot over because here at Mustafa Centre, they stock up on Bitter Gourd juice. Odd and unappealing as it may seem, bitter gourd juice has a number of health benefits, so why not give it a shot?

camel milk


Cow’s milk is the norm. Goat’s milk may be so, but camel’s milk? This was our most exciting yet expensive find, and the ones here even come in different flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and even red dates! However, the smallest bottle costs a whopping S$6.40!

coffee and coconut peanuts


We love our regular salted peanuts, but if you’re bored of them and want to try something with a little twist, you can always try these coffee and coconut coated peanuts. We imagine that they must taste pretty good as a snack.

custard apple MUSTAFA


We have never seen this strange looking fruit in NTUC Fairprice or Cold Storage before, so if you’re looking for custard apples do head down to Mustafa Centre. These odd little things are known to provide a number of health benefits such as protection against anaemia and improved eye vision.

kaya collage


You may be wondering what kaya is doing on this list, but we promise you that this is not your usual kaya. Mustafa has a shelve dedicated to weird tasting kayas such as caramel kaya, sea salt caramel kaya, citrus kaya and vanilla kaya.

lemon flavoured pasta MUSTAFA


Here at Mustafa, we found Lemon and Mushroom flavoured pasta. It definitely is something interesting to try out the next time you cook dinner.

mother in law tongue


We’ve seen a plethora of different spices at the spice shelves in NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage, but we’ve never come across this particular spice. The name itself is intriguing, and we wonder how it different it would make food taste like.

pepper banana chips


Who doesn’t some delicious, crunchy banana chips? We sure do. But we’ve never seen or had pepper banana chips before. Definitely, an interesting snack to try out the next time you’re feeling a little peckish.

rasgulla mustafa


We’ve heard of mozzarella balls, but we’ve never heard of rasgulla, which is essentially soft cottage cheese dumplings soaked in a sweet syrup. This particular can of rasgulla was soaked in rose syrup, which is definitely something most people have not heard of. If you love cheese we highly recommend you to check this out.

These are just a few of the interesting gems that can be found at Mustafa. We’ve only managed to prod the tip of this iceberg; there are a plethora of other exciting things to be found at this magical place and we do hope you make a trip down yourselves when you’re free.

Mustafa Centre
145 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207704
Daily: 24-hours
Nearest Station: Farrer Park