Apartment Coffee - New Coffee Shop At Lavendar Road For The Minimalists

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There is something so incredibly satisfying about a place that is minimalistically furnished, so you could imagine our excitement when we discovered Apartment Coffee at 161 Lavender Street in Singapore.

Apartment Coffee is a minimalist’s dream, with a beautiful, clean interior that is decorated with Scandinavian-style furniture.

This little cafe specialises in homebrewed coffees that are made on the spot right in front of you, and it is a great place if you just want to retreat from the rest of the world and have a bit of alone time with a cuppa.

The inspiration behind Apartment Coffee came from the owner’s desire to create an inviting space where people could feel at home as well as to connect with other people who appreciate and love coffee. 

apartment coffee interior

The first thing you notice when you step into Apartment Coffee is how blindingly white and clean the whole place is. From the ceiling to the walls and the floors, everything is just white. The shop is also cleanly furnished with simple wood pieces and a long white counter.

The staff here were incredibly friendly and welcomed us with large smiles and cheery greetings. Definitely made the environment a more pleasant one.

apartment coffee flatlay

Their menu is a simple one, yet they have quite a range of interesting drinks for you to enjoy.

For their coffee, they use a Synesso Hand Built Espresso Machine. They also use the very best seasonal coffee beans that vary throughout the year.


We tried their Columbia El Mirador (S$4.50) made into a Latte, which was a fragrant, smooth cup of goodness that had notes of roasted grapes, currant and graham crackers.

hot chocolate

We also decided to get a cup of their Madagascar Mava (S$7.50), which was an interesting take on your usual hot chocolate. This smooth blend had notes of orange, malt and roasted nuts, and it left a unique, tangy aftertaste in our mouths.

We are absolutely in love with this simple yet gorgeous cafe and we will definitely be coming back here for some great coffee and the amazing ambience.

Apartment Coffee
161 Lavender Street #01-12
Singapore 338750
Daily: 9am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Bendeemer