[Closed] Zapangi – This Hidden Café In Seoul Comes With A Pink Vending Machine Door

Zapangi Entrance

Can you believe that behind this pretty pink vending machine lies an entire café?

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Mangwon Market is Zapangi, an Instagram-famous café which has a brightly-lit pink vending machine door. Translating to ’vending machine’ in Korean, Zapangi is literally known for their iconic vending machine door.

Here, you can expect a range of cakes served in tins, doughnuts, coffee and their signature milk tea. Zapangi is a café that anyone who has a love for all things pretty or wants a picture to jazz up their Instagram feed should patronise.

Zapangi Interior 2

If you are heading there via public transport, take the subway to Mangwon Station and take exit 2. Just a short 5 to 10-minute walk through a local neighbourhood would get you to this pretty café!

Zapangi Food

Besides the iconic pink vending machine door that Zapangi is known for, they serve a neat range of classic desserts and drinks that taste as good as they look. If you’ve ever noticed your Instagram feed brimming with posts of a mermaid cupcake served in a metallic tin, well, you can now join the trend and get one for yourself at Zapangi.

Thier menu is limited to sweet treats, including tin cakes and doughnuts, and beverages, all costing no more than 10,000 won. We suggest you order a cup of their signature milk tea to go with their insanely cute cakes and doughnuts!

Zapangi Interior 2

Save a spot in your itinerary when you’re heading to Seoul for Zapangi not just so you can snap a few OOTD pictures with their iconic vending machine door, but to indulge in their adorable confectioneries.

If we were you, we’d share them on Instagram because if it isn’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen.

Zapangi Seoul
400-2 Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Daily: 10am -11pm
Tel: +82 2 325 8185

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