Starfield Library – One-Of-A-Kind Public Library With 13-Metre-Tall Bookshelves In Seoul

Starfield Library 1

Starfield Library in Seoul is a one-of-a-kind library that will leave you in awe. Featuring bookshelves that are 13 metres in height and over 50,000 books and magazines on display, do not be surprised to see books that are stacked all the way to the ceiling here!

What’s more, this public library in Seoul is not a building on its own, but rather, in the middle of Starfield COEX Mall in Seoul, South Korea.

With no physical boundaries nor security to ensure that no books are stolen, Starfield Library encompasses an entirely new and novel concept that you ought to check out the next time you are in Seoul.

Starfield Library 3

Situated in Starfield COEX Mall, the giant shopping mall in Seoul, Starfield Library is a two-story library that spans 2,800 metres square in size. While it is not the most serene of libraries, this space is perfect for all to drop by and relax after an entire day of shopping or for a lazy afternoon.

Although most of the books are in Korean, Starfield Library does offer international magazines for tourists alike. Here, you may grab a book for reading but needless to say, the books right at the top of the bookshelves are not meant for reading!

Starfield Library 4

Seats, as well as desks with power outlets, are available on both levels of the library. Tablets are also provided for guests to search for books available in the library.

Those taking public transport can get here by taking the subway to Samseong Station via Line 2. Head out via Exit 6 and just a short walk through the underground passageway will get you to Starfield COEX Mall in no time.

Starfield Library 2

Starfield Library
B1 and 1F, Starfield COEX Mall
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Samseong Station