Five Oars Coffee Roasters – Beautiful Aussie-Style Café In Tanjong Pagar

Five Oars Coffee Roaster

Five Oars Coffee Roasters is a Melbourne-style café which opened just a week ago in Tanjong Pagar. This newest addition to the slew of cafés around the area makes for an excellent choice for coffee-goers as they get their coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia and Brazil.

Their extensive menu features value-for-money brunch fare and substantial meals at night—from sumptuous rice bowls in the day to hearty mains for a filling dinner, Five Oars Coffee Roasters surely has something for everyone. They also serve craft beers on tap, including Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and Tuatara Helluva Helles Lager.

Besides their stunning instagrammable interior, here is why Five Oars is be somewhere café-hoppers should be adding to their list of brunch spots for the next hang out.

Five Oars Interior 1

This brand new addition to the café scene in Tanjong Pagar strikes all the right chords in terms of aesthetics. The coffee shop is divided into two areas—an air-conditioned indoor area and an outdoor space with beautiful flora adorning the walls.

Five Oars Coffee

For our White Coffee (S$5 for 5oz), we opted for the blend roasted from a mix of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. The result? A nutty, bittersweet and fragrant roast that will be enough to win over the discerning coffee-goers who frequent the district.

Otherwise, Five Oars Coffee Roasters also serves juices (S$5.5) and Craft Sodas (S$6.50) for non-caffeinated beverages. Should you be looking for some booze to have with your meal, they also offer craft beers on tap!

Five Oars Breakfast

Five Oars offers a wide myriad of brunch fare ranging from interesting spins such as the Mentaiko Royale (S$21) and Valrhona Chocolate Pancakes (S$19.5) if you are craving for sweeter treats.

We opted for the Five Oars Breakfast (S$24), which indubitably is their signature breakfast item. Mixed salad, a sausage, a slice of thick cut bacon, portobello mushrooms, grilled tomato and half an avocado sits beside a piece of crispy hashbrown nestled atop a thick slice of sourdough toast.

Even with so many things going on in a single dish, every element on the plate was executed nicely—we would recommend getting this dish if you are looking for a substantial brunch affair.

Five Oars Crabmeat Pasta

Next up, we had the Spaghetti Granchio (S$18.50), which is essentially crabmeat pasta tossed in a tomato sauce. It is indeed a fairly simple dish, but it impressed us entirely nevertheless.

The pasta was cooked al dente and had a pleasant bite to it—but the star of the show goes to the generous helpings of crabmeat that topped the pasta which we were glad the café did not skimp on. 

Five Oars Exterior

Boasting an aesthetically-pleasing botanical interior, impeccable service, amazing coffee and plenteous food offerings, Five Oars Coffee Roasters is definitely a new café in Singapore worth checking out.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters
39 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088462
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar