Egg Drop – Popular Breakfast Chain With The Best Korean Breakfast Toast In Seoul

Egg drop seoul

Egg Drop has got to be the hottest breakfast spot in Seoul right now. Look forward to avocado, bacon and cheese, teriyaki chicken, and of course, eggs, sandwiched between 2 slices of thick, buttered brioche toasts.

Egg Drop Collage

Bearing some similarity to Isaac Toast—another popular Korean toast chain that is opening its first outlet in Singapore—Egg Drop specialises in egg sandwiches that you will be sure to finish to the last drop. If you like Isaac Toast, you will love Egg Drop’s Brioche toasts.

Egg Drop Sandwiches

The breakfast toasts at Egg Drop are American-inspired, offering diners an option apart from the usual.

Made fresh on the spot, what you can expect is two thick slices of crisp-edged brioche toasts, a chunky serving of eggs in between, followed by the topping of your choice.

The Sweet Ham Cheese and the Bacon Double Cheese are the crowd-favourites. Avocado lovers must get the Avo Holic—fresh slices of avocado sits atop layers of eggs before being dashed with some mayonnaise for a final creamy touch.

Egg Drop Menu

Prices are kept affordable at Egg Drop—a classic Mr. Egg is only 2,400 won, while the most expensive item on the menu—the Avo Holic—costs 4,400 won, which is just above SGD$5.

Egg Drop Exterior

They are more of a take-out concept with limited seats but their sandwiches are packaged such that they are convenient to eat.

Egg Drop is a must-try breakfast spot if you are in Seoul.

Egg Drop
108, Mapo Acro Tower, 1st floor, Mapo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Daily: 11am – 11pm
Tel: +82 2-707-0563

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