Chinatown Chinese New Year Market 2018 – What To See, Do & Expect

Chinatown CNY Market

There is much to behold and be stoked about this festive season as we usher in the year of the dog this Chinese New Year. Besides the usual house visitations, reunion meals and customary receiving of ang paos (red packets), there is loads more to look forward to, especially in Chinatown.

With a variety of stalls lining up the streets of Chinatown with interesting knick-knacks to buy and festive foods to try, we can’t think of anywhere better to soak up the Lunar New Year atmosphere than at this bustling district.

Stuff yourselves silly with an array of mouth-watering new year delicacies, enjoy the brilliant lights and decorations of the stalls and shop for traditional goodies from cookies, decorative items to even costumes! This is one street bazaar you do not want to miss!

Chinatown CNY Market Nuts Vendor


Walking around the bustling night market, one of the most prominent sounds you will likely hear echoing through the streets is the hot deals for peanuts, dried goods and seeds.

Chinatown CNY Market Snacks

Sunflower or melon seeds to Chinese people are what popcorn is to moviegoers, they make a great snack and are one of the most highly consumed perishables during the Lunar New Year.

Peanuts, on the other hand, possess a more symbolic value. To the Chinese people, It symbolizes vitality, longevity, and riches which is why it is often bought and eaten during the festive season.

Chinatown CNY Market Cookies

Chinese New Year—or any other cultural celebration for that matter—would not quite be the same without an abundance of thematic cookies.

From almond cookies, pineapple tarts and even some oddities that we have never encountered before, there is no doubt something for every household. We particularly love the range of goodies there are on display and the fact that many of the stalls here give out free samples.

Chinatown CNY Market Preserved Meat

Perhaps one of the most impressive things to see at the market is the massive stalls selling dried meat. These items are commonly used in Chinese cooking in a variety of different ways.

Whether it’s dried Chinese sausages you fancy, waxed duck or even a variety of cured delights, there is bound to be something to astound you.

Chinatown CNY Market Decorations


Here at the Chinatown Chinese New Year market, you will find no shortage of decorative items and knick-knacks to beautify your home with or even to give away as souvenirs.

Chinatown CNY Market Caligraphy

We may not be the traditional sort but we were thoroughly impressed by the sheer diversity here—from Chinese calligraphy, red packets with various designs to even doggy-centric knick-knacks signifying the year of the dog.

Chinatown CNY Market Dog


When it comes to festive decorations, Singapore is rarely known to skimp on extravagance, let alone the sheer size of its decorative displays.

This year, along New Bridge Road along the outskirts of the Chinatown district, locals and visitors alike will get to marvel at the massive dog display there. Feel free to snap a few photos or even take a selfie with it—just be sure to watch for oncoming traffic while you’re at it!

Chinatown CNY Market Plants


If you are someone who is intrigued by exotic botanicals, then be sure to make a stop at one of the many plant stalls. Besides the traditional tangerine plants and Pussy Willows, you will also get to see a wide range of exotic plant species that are only exclusively available during the Chinese New Year.

This year’s Chinese New Year Market over at Chinatown takes place along Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street.