Heng Hua Restaurant – A Hidden Gem In Yishun Serving Traditional Heng Hwa Dishes

Heng Hua Restaurant

While Yishun is known for making strange news headlines regularly, some good does exist in this bizarre neighbourhood.

Heng Hua Restaurant Group

Nestled amongst HDB flats in Yishun, Heng Hua Restaurant is a hidden gem which serves authentic Heng Hwa delights and a wide variety of zi char dishes at pocket-friendly prices. You can expect to find mouth-watering Chinese food that is perfect for your family.

A stone’s throw away from Yishun MRT Station, this eatery is one great destination you must visit if you are ever in the vicinity.

Heng Hua Restaurant Stir-fried Yam Slices

The Stir-Fried Yam Slices (S$10) is a classic Heng Hwa dish that we hardly see in Singapore. These bite-sized delights are coated in a sweet-savoury sauce and then deep-fried to a slightly golden colour. The yam was extremely soft and it would simply melt away in your mouth in a matter of seconds.

Heng Hua Style Fried Bee Hoon

The one dish that you must order is the Heng Hua-Style Fried Bee Hoon (S$4.50). This popular dish features vermicelli stir-fried with clams, topped with beancurd puffs, peanuts and dried seaweed. Not only did the vermicelli had hints of the seafood flavour from the clams, the crunchy peanuts and seaweed made the dish even more addictive.

Heng Hua Style Lor Mee

If you prefer a dish with more ‘soup’ or gravy, try the Heng Hua-Style Lor Mee (S$4.50) instead. Served in a rich pork broth, this dish was packed full of umami flavour that had us slurping down everything. Pair this with some Stir-Fried Yam Slices to balance out the savoury flavour with some sweetness.

Heng Hua Restaurant Deep Fried Tenggui Fish

Another must-order item is the Deep-Fried Tenggui Fish (S$10). Deep fried to perfection, the fish is moist on the inside and golden brown on the outside.

Dip your fish with some of their special homemade soy-based sauce and chopped garlic to highlight that sweet fish flavour.

Heng Hua Restaurant Menu

The eatery gets pretty packed during the weekends and we highly recommend calling in for reservations. Nevertheless, service here is very efficient so you will never have to wait that long for a table.

Heng Hua Restaurant
748 Yishun Street 72
#01-212 Singapore 760748
Tel: +65 6756 1762
Daily: 11am – 11pm
Nearest station: Yishun MRT