Cafe N Dear Seoul – Bohemian Cafe In Gyeongridan Even Hipsters Will Approve

Cafe N Dear Itaewon

There are many reasons why we love Seoul—one of it being the city’s happening cafe culture. From mega coffee chains to independent concept cafes, you can find them all in Seoul.

While we were exploring the quieter side of Gyeongridan in Itaewon, we found the perfect cafe for days when you are just looking to spend your afternoon away from the hubbub of the city. And that cafe is called ‘n dear‘.

As with many cafes in Seoul, n dear provides free wifi and a delectable range of coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages.

n dear’s chic, modern bohemian theme features clean furnishings with a white tile countertop and splashes of colour statements from the flowers, potted plants and colourful seating.

Cafe N Dear

Simple interior pieces are well put together to accentuate the theme; the result is an effortlessly cool space with comfortable vibes to make you feel right at home. Their floor-to-ceiling glass window allows sunlight to stream in during the day.

Cafe N Dear Drinks

If you need that caffeine boost, n dear has a decent selection including Americano (W5,000), Caffe Latte (W5,500) and Cappuccino (W5,500).

Not up for coffee? They also have non-coffee drinks such as Melting Choco (W6,000), Chai Latte (W6,000) and Iced Tea made with real fruits (W6,000).

Cafe N Dear Lemon Ginger

A delightful drink that would help you cool off from the heat is the Lemon Ginger Ade (W6,500). It is essentially a sparkling drink that really helps to quench your thirst after all the walking around the neighbourhood.

Other flavours you can consider are the Lemon Peach Ade, Grapefruit Ade and Berry Ade (W6,500).

There are also four bottled beer choices on their menu—1664 Blanc, Big Wave, Longboard and Taedonggang Pale Ale.

Exterior Cafe N Dear

cafe n dear
247-1 Itaewon-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Hangangjin