6 Ways You Can Travel The World (Almost) For Free

Travel For Free

There are many cost factors to consider when you are planning for a holiday—be it accommodation, food or transport. Sure, it is possible to compromise on comfort to save some money but what if we tell you that travelling the world for free or next to nothing is not just a dream?

No, we are not kidding. People have done it and so can you!

All you need is an open mind, some planning skills, a hard-working personality and some tips from us. Here are 6 Ways You Can Travel The World (Almost) For Free.

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If you have an outgoing personality and are passionate about making a change in this world, then this is the option for you. Non-profit organisations that require specific professional skills such as the UN and Peace Corps offer all expenses paid travel programs when you volunteer with them.

Those who do not mind getting their hands dirty can opt for Wwoofing, a program that provides travellers with the opportunity to volunteer at organic farms in exchange for free accommodation.


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Ditch the hotels and stay with the locals! CouchSurfing is a website that connects the traveller with a local host who is able to spare you a couch or bed overnight. Check out the reviews left by previous guests so you know what to expect when staying there.

House Sitting is another way of saving on accommodation fees. Guests are expected to look after the house or take care of their pets while the owners are gone for the weekend.

It is also possible to loan out your apartment by swapping it with someone else when you advertise on home exchange websites. However, do keep in mind that it is important to coordinate the dates with your home swapping partners.

Cruise Worker

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Getting paid to travel is a dream job for many of us but what options do we have? Apart from being an air stewardess, you can also work on a cruise ship as an entertainer, service crew, engineer or event manager.

Other jobs that will take you to faraway lands include journalists, travel writers, language teachers, translators, event coordinators and those working in hospitality industries.

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Working Holiday

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To offset any extra cost, apply for short-term jobs such as a camp instructor, au pair or overseas internship. Some companies provide wages, accommodation, wifi and even meals.

Summer jobs such as fruits picking and amusement park crew are popular among teenagers. In winter, many try out seasonal work at ski resorts where they also get a chance to learn skiing for free.

It is best to start researching and applying for jobs ahead of your travel schedule.


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Besides accommodation, transport is one of the biggest reasons why travelling comes with a heavier price tag. A common practice in the US is hitchhiking whereby you flag down cars passing by for a free ride. Of course, it is important to exercise caution when doing so.

Collecting airline miles is a great way of earning yourself a free plane ticket. You can accumulate airline miles by staying in international chain hotels, converting hotel points into miles and using credit cards that let you accrue miles.

Getting bumped off your flight sounds like an awful inconvenience but if you volunteer to get bumped, you are likely to receive upgrades, flight vouchers or cash in return.

Walking Tour

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Learn more about the country when you participate in free walking tours organised by locals who are able to bring you to the best places for meals or hidden gems within the city that are unknown to tourists.

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