How to Explore Singapore’s Heritage in A Day For Free

Kampong Glam

Being blessed and content living in a multi-racial society such as Singapore is a privilege that many people overlook. This diversity is what brings our little nation together, fusing people from all backgrounds and cultures into one big and happy family.

With this, it brings us the opportunity to explore these races and their specific cultures in a more in-depth setting—with various monuments, religious buildings, heritage centers and more that are available to us at any time and are generally free to visit.

As a local, you can always take a day off or use a day of your weekend to take a breather and immerse yourself in Singapore’s heritage. If you are visiting from overseas, this will be your definitive guide to do all these things in a span of a day. Here is How to Explore Singapore’s Heritage in A Day For Free.

National Museum


A visit to the national museum will kick-start your day on a high. Head over here after your breakfast and spend at least an hour or two reading about Singapore’s heritage and marvel at the art structures.

Time: 11am
Where to visit: National Museum of Singapore
Cost: FREE (for locals), S$10 for foreign visitors
Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
(Opens from 10pm to 7pm daily)

Sultan Mosque


Pick a nice lunch spot, if you can, head to one of the traditional Malay eateries in the vicinity of Kampong Glam for the most authentic and tasty eats. The Sultan Mosque is a must-see and we can promise you that it is beautiful.

Time: 2pm (After Lunch)
Where to visit: Kampong Glam Conservation Area & Sultan Mosque
Cost: FREE
Address: 3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833

Henna at Little India


The epitome of Indian culture lies right here. Take a walk down the smaller streets to truly get a glimpse of the shops and the daily life. Remember to have some authentic Indian curries and food and maybe have a peek at Mustafa, a huge convenience store with the best bargains.

Time: 4pm
Where to visit:
Cost: FREE
Address: General Little India Area (MRT: Little India or Farrer Park)

Chinatown 2016


Before you end your day, head down to Chinatown for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then proceed on to shop bargains and other lovely products in the vicinity. The Sri Mariamman Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple are must-sees.

Time: 7pm (after dinner)
Where to visit: Sri Mariamman Temple & Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Cost: FREE
Address: 288 & 244 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058840

Haw Par Villa


(If you have extra time) You can visit Haw Par Villa. We left this as an optional place to head to as it is pretty far away from the rest of the places mentioned but it is filled with rich history of Chinese mythology and folklore that are not to be missed.

Where to visit: Haw Par Villa
Cost: FREE
Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, 118628
(Opens from 9am to 6pm daily)

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