6 Kids-friendly Airlines From Singapore With Benefits That Parents Should Know Of


No matter where you are intending to go, taking an aeroplane ride with young children might seem like one of the most dreadful moments of a holiday. This is especially true if your family is taking a long-haul flight.

While you may have done your homework and prepared all the necessary to ensure a smooth flight, it still helps to know what some of the benefits airlines offer are when you fly out of Singapore.

From complimentary baby kits to in-flight entertainment and toddler meals, here are 6 Kids-friendly Airlines From Singapore And The Benefits They Offer.

Singapore Airlines


A flight with Singapore Airlines gives you the option of reserving for a bassinet when you purchase an infant seat with the airline. It works on a first-come-first-serve basis so parents should definitely book way in advance for better chances of securing the seats with the bassinets.

Children meals are also available (with prior reservation) on all flights except those going to and fro Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Amenities such as diapers, disposable bibs, feeding bottles and baby wipes will also be provided.

Cathay Pacific

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Special baby bassinets for children under 12kgs are provided and can be requested when purchasing tickets. However, Cathay Pacific has stated that infants above six months old may feel uncomfortable sitting in the bassinet.

Baby food is provided onboard the Cathay Pacific complete with colourful cutlery to make it a fun experience for you kid. In addition, kids between the ages of three to six are entitled to a fun pack which consists of stationery, games and activity books. What an exciting time on the plane for the kids!

Do note that some of these benefits only extend to flights to and from Europe, North America, Australasia, South Africa, India and the Middle East so be sure to call the airline up first!


Photo Credit: Emirates


All parents of infants and toddlers will appreciate this gesture by Emirates—you get to skip the queues and go to a separate family check-in desk to get your passports stamped in a more efficient way.

Baby bassinets, special meals and infant kits with essentials such as nappies, bibs and wipes are provided. Children below two years old are allowed to sit on their parents’ lap and do not require a flight ticket.

Entertainment-wise, Emirates has one of the best to offer. Silka the seal, Abbott the hedgehog, Shane the koala and Eric the eagle are soft toys in the ‘Fly With Me Animals’ collection given to young children who can cuddle them to sleep during the journey. Infants can also have fun colouring on the Fly With Me Animals magazine, that comes with a set of coloured pencils.

Older children are not forgotten with kids’ packs that inspire them to travel the world. Inside the travel-themed bag, kids will find educational books, world facts, creative crafts, a travel journal and more.

With so much for the kids to do, parents can expect an easier flight!


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Family travels on Etihad Airways will be a pleasant journey. Before you embark on your flight, book your child’s bassinet and special meals 24 hours before departure.

Those who are taking long-haul flights can use a little assistance from the ‘Flying Nanny’ who can help to settle down the children, keep them entertained with activities or offering advice for parents. Rest assured that these young Flying Nannies are approved by UK’s childcare training college.

In-flight entertainment such as movies, interactive games and TV shows are provided.


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Parents can request for a child, toddler or baby meal during flight reservation and this is when you are able to state any dietary requirements your child needs. A limited amount of baby food, milk, baby bottles, cereals and rusks are provided on board as well.

Joey Club kids’ entertainment kits designed for children between three to six years old can be redeemed on the flight. Items in the Joey Club bag varies between domestic and international flights.

In-flight entertainment includes in-seat screens that showcase movies, games and music.

Virgin Atlantic

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Baby meals and complimentary in-flight cots will be installed for you after take-off and are provided as long as you make a request in advance. Depending on the aircraft, the cots will differ in size so it is best to call up the airline first to ensure that your child will fit in comfortably in the cot.

A wide range of children’s films and TV shows suitable for all ages can be selected with parental lock functions on all flights except the A340 300′s. Baby meals come in non-solid forms such as a standard pureed or bottled foods while children’s meals are wholesome, designed for easy eating and free of nuts.

Fun fact: Virgin Atlantic even worked with TV cook Lorraine Pascale to come up with delicious and fun children’s meals for all young travellers!

With that said, parents should still bring the mandatory items such as diapers and baby wipes as flights carry a limited amount and may not have the quantity or meet specific requests that you require.