92 Armenian – A Bird’s Nest Cafe In Penang With All Kinds Of Bird’s Nest Dishes

92 Armenian Cafe Egg Tart

Bird’s nest is a valuable Chinese tonic that is said to provide plenty of health benefits and improve your body’s immune system. This is the reason why it is highly sought after by the Chinese who use it to enhance their health.

We came across 92 Armenian, an upscale vintage cafe in Penang offering various types of bird’s nest delicacies such as their signature Bird Nest Egg Tart and other desserts. While some may think that is excessive, we are rather impressed with the team’s creativity and how they reshape the way we think of this traditional Chinese tonic.

92 Armenian Penang

Penang is a heritage site with houses that have stood the test of time and 92 Armenian is one place that will take you back into history. Featuring colourful vintage floor tiles, antique cabinets and aged wooden tables, we appreciate the amount of effort taken to maintain the interior and furniture.

92 Armenian Food

What caught our attention first was the Bird Nest Egg Tart (RM8/ S$2.67 per piece). It may seem expensive for an egg tart, but bear in mind that it comes with bird’s nest too. The egg tarts came with a crumbly pastry crust filled with smooth egg custard. So delicious!

92 Armenian Bird Nest Cake

Ever had cake with bird’s nest? Probably not. Bird’s Nest Mango Cake (RM25/ S$8.33) came in just the right amount of sweetness which is not overwhelming. We particularly liked the layers of soft sponge cake and mango cream with diced mango fruit. Of course, there is also the addition of bird’s nest on the top most layer.

92 Armenian Bird Nest Jelly

92 Armenian’s Bird Nest Jelly (RM15/ S$5) is served cold and the osmanthus jelly is filled with Goji Berry and topped off with bird’s nest. It left a strong bitter aftertaste and is not for those with a sweet tooth.

92 Armenian Menu

Other bird’s nest bites you can find there include Bird’s Nest Chicken Porridge (RM30/ S$10), Bird’s Nest Tiramisu Cake (RM25/ S$8.33 per piece) and Bird’s Nest Coconut Jelly (RM25/ S$8.33).

92 Armenian
92 Armenian street, Penang
Penang, Malaysia 10200
Tel: +60 4251 9712
Daily: 11am – 7pm

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