Juscool – Sparkling Fruit Soda Made With Real Fruits & With Low Sugar


A sparkling fruit soda always does the trick in summer.

Singapore is ever hot and humid, and despite the occasional downpour, this little red dot on the map is constantly experiencing summer. Which explain why we are always looking out for summer treats, right?

Fruit sodas are one of our favourite respites. And a newfound favourite is Yeo’s Juscool series. They come in many flavours and the best part is they are made with real fruit juice & have a lower sugar content that meets Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) requirement for Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS).

We had a fruits party at home on one of these afternoons and here are some of the flavours that we love.

P.S. Five lucky winners will be selected and will walk away with a year’s supply of Juscool drinks. Read more about it at the end of the post.

Juscool Apple Soda


Most soda in the market just taste like a can of sugar, but Juscool will redefine fruit sodas.

It is made with real fruit juice for more intense flavours and is probably the best sparkling fruit soda in the market right now.

Juscool Grape Soda


Juscool is what we’d like to think of as a healthier choice if we really need a soda.

With a lower sugar content of 25% less sugar than regular carbonated drink, it means you can still enjoy the fizziness of a sparkling fruit soda minus the scary number of calories in every sip

Yes, mummies, this is definitely a healthier choice drink for your kids!

Juscool Orange Soda


Juscool comes in six yummy fruit flavours, some are uncommon in the market—such as Yuzu & Passionfruit! Yes, six. That’s a lot to choose from and you can even do one for every day of the week! Well, almost.

The six flavours are: Juscool Sparkling Apple, Juscool Sparkling Grape, Juscool Sparkling Peach, Juscool Sparkling Yuzu, Juscool Sparkling Passionfruit and Juscool Sparkling Orange.

Juscool Fruit Sangria


A sparkling fruit soda need not just be a soda if you know how to enjoy it. We experimented with Juscool and found several ways to jazz up the drink such that they are fun and party-worthy!

We made a sangria and upped it a notch with Juscool Sparkling Grape. All you have to do is to cut up fresh fruits into bite-size chunks, dunk them in a glass of red wine and pour in a can of Juscool Sparkling Grape; you are good to go!

Juscool Peach Soda

You can also make your own peach soda by simply mixing fresh white peaches with a can of Juscool Sparkling Peach.

Juscool Sparkling Fruit Drink


Oh, yes. And we are going to teach you how. It’s easy.

To qualify, first, you have to like YeosSG and ShopFarEast on Facebook, as well as follow @YeosSG and @ShopFarEast on Instagram.

Next, upload a photo on Instagram of you enjoying a can of Juscool sparkling drink in your preferred flavour and in your caption, talk about why you like this carbonated juice drink.

Five lucky winners will be selected and will walk away with a year’s supply of Juscool drinks (T&Cs apply). The contest will end on 30 May 2017.

Otherwise, there is a consolation prize and one hundred winners will stand to win 1,000 ShopFarEast points each (equivalent to S$10 Far East shopping voucher), redeemable with no minimum spending required).

There are several hashtags to include to qualify, and they are #JuscoolContest #ShopFarEast #HPBSG  Like & Follow @yeossg @shopfareast

This post is brought to you by YEO’S.