Hoho Korean Restaurant – A Hidden Gem In The West With Authentic Korean Food

Hoho Korean Restaurant BBQ Pork

Tucked away in Sunset Way’s enclave of cafes, eateries and restaurants is Hoho Korean Restaurant, an under-the-radar family eatery in Singapore that serves pretty decent Korean cuisine.

Can we interest you with their value-for-money set lunch and the array of banchan?

From the ever popular Jjajangmyeon to Cheese-Buldak (Fire Chicken with Cheese), honest yet tantalising Korean dishes await you at Hoho Korean Restaurant.

For those who like sharing but still seek a value-for-money meal, opt for Hoho Korean Restaurant’s lunch set menu (S$19) that comprises a BBQ meat, soup and rice. Choose from the Hot Plate Chicken, Hot Plate Pork or Hot Plate Beef for your BBQ meat and Kimchi Jjigae, Doenjang Jjigae or SoonTofu for your soup.

This set menu also comes with complimentary banchana collection of small Korean side dishes we cannot do without.

Hoho Korean Restaurant Stir Fry Pork

The Hot Plate Pork features pan-fried pork with red pepper sauce and vegetables. The meat was tender, juicy and bursting with flavour. 

Hoho Korean Restaurant Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup

We paired our lunch set menu with the SoonTofu Soup, a spicy tofu soup with seafood. The generous portions of seafood and tofu in the soup kept us happy, whilst also being a great accompaniment to the Hot Plate Pork.

Hoho Korean Restaurant Pancake

One of the signature dishes at Hoho Korean Restaurant is the Haemul-Pajeon (S$19), a green onion pancake with seafood. Often, Pajeon is either too thick or floury and thus it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the Haemul-Pajeon was crispy and delicious.

Hoho Korean Restaurant Menu

Hoho Korean Restaurant - Menu

Hoho Korean Restaurant Interior

Visit Hoho Korean Restaurant if you are looking for a casual Korean eatery to satisfy your Korean food cravings.

Hoho Korean Restaurant
Blk 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-58/60,
Singapore 120106
Tel: +65 6250 3908
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Clementi