Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2017 – Things To Eat At The Ultimate Pasar Malam

Ramadan Bazaar 2017

Foodies, are you ready? The annual Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2017 is finally here! This year, the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar will be held from 26 May 2017 to 24 June 2017 around the areas of Geylang Serai market, Joo Chiat Complex and along Haig Road with more than 1,000 stalls expected to be part of the event’s lineup.

From a variety of foods that includes traditional Hari Raya favourites to a crazy number of Instagrammable desserts, you will be in for a wild ride!

Admission to the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is free and there are endless reasons why you should not pass up on the chance to thrive in the festivities at Singapore’s largest pasar malam. Curious to know what treasures you can find there? Read on to find out more!


Bangkok Cafe Thai Iced Milk Tea


Who can say no to some Thai Iced Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea? For those who gave up any hope of grabbing some at Artbox Singapore previously because of the ridiculous snaking queues, you can purchase some from Bangkok Café and satisfy any remaining cravings for the delicious drink.

Where to find
Bangkok Café at Stall 66 and 67

Starlite Unicorn Drink


A shoutout to unicorn lovers because you should totally get your hands on the Starlite (S$9.90) that comes in 6 different flavours: bubble gum, lavender, cherry blossom, matcha, oreo and pandan. Albeit a little pricey, the glamour of the drink from Rainbow Works was just so worth it.


Chicken Scotch Eggs


How about some Chicken and Beef Scotch Eggs with Peking Duck Sauce (S$5)? Crunchy, wholesome and yummy; this totally redefined the classic British favourite.

Where to find
Stall 7 at the Malay Village along Engku Aman Road
Stall 11 at Haig Road/Onan Road in front of the Alwadi Coffee Shop

Oreo Churros


Did someone say deep-fried Oreos?! Each serving comes with 5 pieces and costs S$3 for a topping of icing sugar, S$3.50 for chocolate sauce, S$3.50 for condensed milk and S$3.50 for caramel sauce.

Where to find
Stall 34 at the Malay Village

Grilled Seafood at Ramadan Bazaar


Have a taste of the ocean right here at the Ramadan Bazaar. The Seafood Platter (S$38) will be a dream come true for all seafood lovers but if not, you can fuel your seafood dreams with the Mini Crab (S$5 for medium; S$10 for large) or the Grilled Half Shell Oyster (S$3 for 1 piece; S$10 for 4 pieces).

Where to find
Oyster Gangster, Stall 143

The Raclette Set


If you are obsessed with cheese, this will be love at first sight for you. Halal-certified molten Raclette cheese exclusively imported from France is freshly scraped and layered over pan-fried baby Dutch yellow potatoes and gourmet chicken cocktail sausages. The Raclette Factory’s Raclette dish (S$12) is worth the indulgence.

However, do take note that you will have to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for your food.

Where to find
Stall 78 beside the Muslims Converts’ Association of Singapore

Rainbow Tamagoyaki


Have a taste of the Rainbow Tamagoyaki (S$6), a genius creation by WaTamago and top it off with their special Mentaiko Mayo sauce and Bonito Flakes. Oishii!

Where to find
Stall 61


Coyono Dragon's Breath


Another dessert that you may have chanced upon but did not get a taste of at Artbox Singapore is the Dragon’s Breath. But not to worry, for Coyoro is back at the Ramadan Bazaar and their Didi Ball (S$6.50) is available too!

Where to find
Coyoro at Stall 15

Rainbow Planet Ice Cream Puff


We all have a penchant for pretty desserts and the Rainbow Planet Ice Cream Puff (S$8) is no exception. Grab one for yourself from Fairy Puff during the Ramadan Bazaar!

Where to find
Fairy Puff at Stall 33

Loco Loco Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve


Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve (S$4) is a classic dessert that we will always be delighted to have. Rich, creamy and refreshing; this is what we came for.

Where to find
Stall 7 at the Malay Village along Engku Aman Road
Stall 11 at Haig Road/Onan Road in front of Alwadi Coffee Shop

Watermelon Ice


After all the milky desserts, it would be good to cleanse the palette with an icy cold Watermelon Volcano (S$6.90 for small; S$12.90 for a large). As this dessert is good for sharing, take a moment to cool off from Singapore’s humidity and revitalise your senses with the Watermelon Volcano.

Where to find
Happy Rollies at Stalls 130, 131 and 132 at 12 Haig Road.


Whether this is your first time to the Ramadan Bazaar or not, here are some tips to bear in mind should you intend to make your way down to join in the festivities.

Firstly, make sure that you have enough cash on hand. It would be such a letdown if you find yourself lacking spare change, especially once you have set your heart on that particular treat and it is finally your turn in the line.

As always, be prepared for the extreme weather. We Singaporeans often say that Singapore has two seasons—hot, hotter, hottest; wet, wetter, wettest. Thus, be mindful of Singapore’s adverse weather and dress according to the weather. If it is going to be a wet day, prep your brollies and ponchos.

For those who are driving, it would be wise to park at the nearby malls (i.e. OneKM Mall) instead and then walk over to the Ramadan Bazaar. You definitely do not want to be caught up in the crazy parking queue like there was at Artbox Singapore! Otherwise, the nearest MRT station to the Ramadan Bazaar is Paya Lebar Station.

Lastly, just have fun! The Ramadan Bazaar would make a great outing with the family, friends or your partner as food and shopping options are endless; it is time makan to your heart’s content.

Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai 2017
26 May 2017 to 24 June 2017
Geylang Serai Market, Joo Chiat Complex and along Haig Road