8 Places Around The World Where You Can Unexpectedly Find Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

More than just a pretty view, the cherry blossom is a fragile flower that only blooms during Springtime and holds historical significance in Japanese culture about the precariousness and beauty of life.

During the World War II, these blooms were also used to encourage the Japanese, with aims of promoting nationalism and to uplift the spirit of militarism across the nation.

Today, the cherry blossom enjoys immense popularity by everyone in the world. Captivated by the beauty of the cherry blossoms, thousands fly to Japan every Spring to enjoy these ephemeral flowers.

However, the cherry blossoms are not just unique to Japan. Here are 8 places around the world where you can unexpectedly find cherry blossoms that you can visit, to chase that cherry blossom dream.

Cherry Blossoms in Sweden

Photo Credit: Why So Japan


Situated in central Sweden, the King’s Tree Garden or Kungsan is home to Sweden’s largest display of the cherry blossoms. During springtime, the cherry trees transform into a beautiful umbrella of pink cherry blossoms that line the perimeter of the fountain in the park.

As the flowering will only last for approximately a week, seize the opportunity to see these stunning cherry blossoms and bask in the beauty of the flowers while they last.

King’s Tree Garden
Jussi Björlings allé 5, 103 91 Stockholm, Sweden
When to visit: Mid to late April



For those who are studying around the East Midlands of the UK and are dying for the chance to experience the cherry blossoms during springtime, you would be surprised to discover that the University of Nottingham offers amazing sights of the cherry trees that are not to be missed.

These cherry trees are planted along the Highfields Park in front of the University of Nottingham and the flowers bloom every Spring.

During springtime, you would be sure to find groups of students and locals lounging on the green lawns and having picnics at the park, enjoying the gorgeous views of the cherry blossoms.

Highfields Park
University Blvd, Lenton NG7 2RD
When to visit: April or in Springtime

Champ de Mars Cherry Blossoms

Photo Credit: Farfelue


The Champs de Mars in Paris, France, is a large public greenspace in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower.

In Spring, the Champ de Mars boasts brilliant views of cherry trees blossoming against a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, which is perfect for those who have a keen interest in photography, nature as well as historical monuments.

A trip down to one of the most beautiful cities in the world to enjoy these sights during spring time is definitely not to be missed. 

Champ de Mars
2 Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, 75007 Paris, France
When to visit: Springtime

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Photo Credit: DNA Info


Although the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York is home to a number of speciality flowers and plants, the Garden hosts the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival every year in late April where visitors can look forward to seeing the cherry trees in full bloom.

During the Sakura Matsuri, visitors would be enthralled by over 60 events and performances focused on both reflecting and celebrating traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
When to visit: 29 – 30 April 2017

Cherry Blossom Gucun park

Photo Credit: Cits


Considered as one of Shanghai’s most gorgeous parks, the cherry trees in Gucun Park can be found in these four primary areas for viewing, namely, Suburban Forest Garden, Children’s Forest Carnival, Forest Leisure Sports Garden and the Forest Roaming Garden.

These blooms can also be found in various other areas in the park, and amount up to more than 10,000 cherry trees in total.

During their bloom, visitors are guaranteed to be entranced by the spectacular view of the flowers and the park will practically be a photography bonanza!

Gucun Park
4788 Hutai Rd, Baoshan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China 201906
When to visit: Through April

Vancouver cherry blossom Photo Credit: Connect LA


Held this year from 30 March to 23 April 2017, the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival seeks to sustain and renew Vancouver’s cherry tree heritage whilst encouraging people to celebrate and most importantly appreciate, the cultural significance behind the precious bloom.

This year, the festival has plenty of activities planned for visitors, ranging from the Sakura night on 2 April 2017 at 6.30pm at the Stanley Park Pavilion, and hands-on pre-festival workshops such as the Spring Lights Lantern Workshops held on a couple of dates in February.

Do not forget to also scrawl the Big Picnic into your calendar! The picnic will be held at 12pm to 3pm on 01 April 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth Park where participants would be picnicking and celebrating the blooms under the park’s iconic cherry blossom canopy.

Queen Elizabeth Park
4333 Rue Sherbrooke O, Westmount, QC H3G 1E2

Stanley Park Pavilion
610 Pipeline Road, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

Brazil Cherry Blossoms

Photo Credit: Flickr


It would be safe to say that not many would think of Brazil, as a place that would be home to the cherry blossom. However, you would find these blooms in the Botanical Garden of Curitiba-Curitiba which is located in the Jardim Botânico district in the capital of southern Brazil, Parana.

About 30 cherry trees are planted every year in July, in a path that would lead from the parking to the portal entrance of the park.

As the city is home to many Japanese immigrants since the first half of the century, cherry blossoms are not rare in Brazil and can be presently found in various parts of the city’s streets and squares. 

Botanical Garden of Curitiba-Curitiba
R. Engo. Ostoja Roguski – Jardim Botânico, Curitiba – PR, 80210-390, Brazil
When to visit: Through July

Alishan Recreational ParkPhoto Credit: Holidays SG


For those who love travel in East Asia, do consider dropping by the Alishan Forest Recreation Area which is considered one of the most scenic spots in Taiwan.

Alishan Forest boasts a collection of more than 10 types of cherry trees, including the Fuji cherry tree and Yoshino cherry tree to name a few. The forest is particularly famous for its large population of 1,900 Yoshino cherry trees, which is the largest area where these cherry trees bloom in Taiwan.

Also, the forest runs the Cherry Blossom Festival sometime in March and April when the flowers are in full bloom.

Alishan Forest Recreation Area
No. 17 Shunling village, Chiayi Country, Alishan Township, Taiwan
When: Early Spring, sometime in March

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