Okonomiyaki – A Popular Street Food In Osaka And Where To Eat It


Osaka is the birthplace of Okonomiyaki, an all-time favourite street snack in Japan. Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake that is mostly made out of the pancake batter and cabbage as the base. Sometimes meats or seafood are also added to finish it off, such as slices of pork or octopus. Then, some sweet sauce will be brushed on top, together with mayonnaise.

This popular street snack is synonymous with Osaka’s cuisine and having a piping hot Okonomiyaki on a chilly night in Osaka is one of the best things to do if you ever visit the prefecture.

‘Okonomi’ translates to ‘as you like it’ and ‘Yaki’, means ‘grilled’. Hence, this dish can be tweaked to your liking and you have the choice of adding the toppings you like.

You can find Okonomiyaki in many restaurants and eateries in Osaka, but the best places to have are still the street stalls.

But of course, if you do have it in a restaurant, some of them allow you to grill your own Okonomiyaki.

Osaka Castle

Some popular places to have Okonomiyaki in Osaka include Mizuno, Okonomiyaki Momiji, Houzenji Sanpei and Okonomiyaki Chibou. Okonomiyaki is a relatively inexpensive dish and you can get a decent one for around ¥407 (approximately S$5) to ¥815 (approximately S$10), hence making it an affordable meal option.

When it gets a little colder during autumn and winter, head out to a bustling street and you can definitely find some street stalls whipping up fresh Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki Places To Try in Osaka
Mizuno – 1 Chome-4-15 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka
Okonomiyaki Momiji – Tanimachi IS Building 1F, 9-19 Ikutamacho Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Houzenji Sanpei – 1 Chome-7-10 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka
Okonomiyaki Chibou – Toufuu Building 1-2F, 11-27 Nanbasennichimae Chuo-ku, Osaka

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