My Cosy Corner – Hole-In-The-Wall Peranakan Eatery With The Best Crispy Popiah

My Cosy Corner

My Cosy Corner is a hole-in-the-wall Peranakan eatery tucked in the corner of Coronation Shopping Plaza, in Bukit Timah.

It is a place where you will feel instantly at home and the staff would occasionally have a friendly conversation with the customers.

My Cosy Corner

Come here for great-tasting Peranakan dishes, local fare and Japanese bento sets.

My Cosy Corner Interior

Due to its rising popularity and limited space, do not be surprised if you see a long queue forming outside the eatery. We were lucky to find a table within 10 minutes of waiting time during off-peak hours.


If there is one thing that made My Cosy Corner famous, it has to be their legendary popiah (S$2.50). Freshly made to order, ours came with thick slices of moist bang kwang (Chinese turnip) and hard boiled egg wrapped in thin popiah skin. We could even hear a delightful crunch coming from the crispy garlic bits as we bit into it.

My Cosy Corner Laksa

Amazed by the popiah, we decided to try out some of the other main dishes as well. Laksa at My Cosy Corner is going at S$5 and it comes with a full hard boiled egg, fish cakes and tau pok (beancurd puff). We liked that the broth was rich and there was a distinct coconut taste to it.

My Cosy Corner Mee Siam

The Mee Siam (S$5) is a combination of sweet, spicy and sour notes and made better with small pieces of deep fried tau pok, dried shrimp and a boiled egg. While it left a good impression, we still preferred the other two dishes.

Other items on the menu you can find at My Cosy Corner include Japanese bento and udon dishes such as Gyu Don (S$16), Beef Teriyaki (S$9) and Kaki Udon (S$7.50).

My Cosy Corner
587 Bukit Timah Road
#02-02 Coronation Shopping Plaza
Singapore 269701
Tel: +65 6463 8286
Mon to Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun & PH: 11am – 4pm
Nearest Station: Tan Kah Kee