White Chocolate Tiramisu Truffles Recipe – Simple Homemade Gift Idea

Tiramisu Truffles

Are you always scrolling through Pinterest and other websites trying to find the easiest recipes to try out at home? Fret not; you are not alone.

Today, let’s look at truffles. Of all the truffle recipes we have seen, we reckoned a Tiramisu Truffle recipe is not only impressive but also incredibly easy to make.

We took about 20 to 30 minutes for the preparation and actual “cooking”, and another 10 minutes the next morning to portion it out to serve. Did we also mention that the end result was fantastic?

You need to try this ultra-easy and amazing White Chocolate Tiramisu Truffles Recipe.

Truffle Recipes


1. Melt white chocolate until smooth—either using a bain marie, double boiler, or gradually using a microwave. Set aside to let it cool to almost room temperature

2. Dissolve half of the instant espresso in the sweet liquor of your choice (we used Sherry).

3. After the chocolate has cooled, add in mascarpone cheese and mix it until smooth.

4. Add the espresso and marsala mixture and stir. Add in the remaining instant espresso. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

5. Grate some milk chocolate to form shavings. Toss shavings in the processed cocoa powder in a bowl.

6. Using a round spoon or cookie scoop, scoop out balls from the tiramisu ganache and roll very quickly with your cold hands. White chocolate melts quickly so you need to do this quickly.

Truffles Recipe

7. Then, roll the truffles in your chocolate shavings mixture.

8. Consume immediately or refrigerate in a container for up to 1 week.

9. You can place it in a box within an ice bag or a cooler box, before gifting it to someone to make sure it does not melt.

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