Ming Jia Korean Food – No-Frills Eatery With Authentic Korean Dishes

Ming Jia Bukit Timah

Ming Jia Korean Food is a Korean cuisine eatery run by a middle aged Korean lady or as the Koreans term affectionately as “ahjumma”. This no-frills Korean eatery tucked in a corner of Bukit Timah Plaza looks unassuming from the front, but the place is nothing short of lively during the afternoon lunch hour crowd.

In one look, you will know that Ming Jia Korean Food serves up authentic Korean dishes as the majority of their customers are made up of Koreans and the lady boss enjoys a conversation or two with them.

This place is perfect for students and those working nearby who are looking for an affordable lunch or dinner option.

Ming Jia Side Dishes

Most Korean restaurants offer free side dishes to go along with your meals and this is also a practice at Ming Jia Korean Food too. The fresh kimchi helped to induce our appetites before we got started on our main courses and we enjoyed the fluffy egg rolls as well.

The only thing to note is that the side dishes are not free flow.

Ming Jia Bibimbap

The Yung Yang Dolsut Bibimbap (S$13.90+) comes with aromatic beef slices and generous portions of vegetables and mushroom. You get a seaweed soup with every order of a Bibimbap.

Ming Jia Kimchi Tofu Soup

Ming Jia Korean Food’s Kimchi Sundubu (S$13.90+) is a traditional soft tofu stew with kimchi and comes with a bowl of white rice. The soup arrived boiling hot from the kitchen with a strong fragrant kimchi smell. This is a hearty bowl of kimchi soup which does not disappoint.

Ming Jia Menu

Ming Jia Korean Food is a popular dining destination so try to go during non-peak hours or expect to wait for around 15 minutes before you are able to get a table.

Ming Jia Korean Food
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#B1-07 Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996
Nearest Station: Beauty World