Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – 9 Fun Activities and Thrilling Things to Do

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Valentine’s Day is coming and if you are always looking for ways to break your usual dating routine(s) with your partner, we might just have the answer for you. Truth to be told, it can be easier than you think. Whenever you see a fun activity that your friends shared on their social media, or from a drama serial, or anything at all – note them down on your mobile phone.

Another easy method is just to recall the things you used to love to do (before life caught up on you). Was it singing karaoke with your buddies? Having a friendly match of snooker? Or simply staying at home playing board games? Revisit them.

There are so many possibilities and even more ways to keep the love alive. Here, we share with you some Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – 9 Fun Activities & Thrilling Things to Do in Singapore.

Carnival Games


By game, we mean board games, videos games and so much more. No grown adult can get over the thrill of a simple game like Jenga or Monopoly. But of course, you can always snuggle up in bed and fight zombies on your Xbox, too!

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Instead of stationing yourself at one location, go to a couple and try their various signature cocktails. Cocktails are getting more and more love and attention here in Singapore, and everywhere around the world, there are a ton of really interesting flavours awaiting your discovery.

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Henderson Waves


You can rent a motorcycle (if you can ride) or simply grab a bicycle and go for a spin. There are several park connectors for those who are going by bicycles, and for the adventurous ones who are going on a motorcycle, take a route that you normally wouldn’t and navigate your ways together as a couple!

Volunteer Overseas


Volunteers are always needed in many non-profit organisations. Research online beforehand to check out which organisation needs your help, or if there are any campaigns over the weekend that still requires manpower. Give back to the society together in the company of your loved one; how meaningful!


Venture out of your comfort zone and try something you wouldn’t normally do. Sign up for dance classes; ballroom dancing is a good one to start on. This dancesport is both beautiful and intimate, and requires much communication and coordination. That should pretty much strengthen you as a couple, and we can pretty much guarantee that you will have a “ball” of time here.

Marina Barrage


Think something as simple as building a lego structure or making a kite from scratch and getting it up in the sky. You would not know the absolute excitement of something as carefree and simple as this, until you actually do it with your partner! The simplest joy that you grew up with will always be a bittersweet happiness to relish.


Escape rooms are popping up everywhere. Book a time slot and get ‘trapped’ in a room together with your partner. This simple game will have you working together through communication, and it will certainly strengthen your relationship while learning new attributes about each other.



Not a lavish sit-down dinner kind of couple? You aren’t the only one! Plan a picnic instead. Take the chance to whip up dishes with love for each other, then find a spot in Singapore that bears symbolic meaning to your relationship. Perhaps it is the park where you first kissed, or the Barrage where you first flew a kite together?

Beautiful beach


When was the last time you took a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores and stop to listen to the sounds of the waves crashing? The beach is somewhere so relaxing, and it calms all senses. Take your lover’s hand, kick off your shoes, and just frolic under the sun at the beach! The best things in life are free like that.

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