Tsukiji Fish Market Is Closing on 02 Nov 2016 And Moving To A New Home


Tsukiji Fish Market – one of the world’s largest and oldest wholesale seafood market – needs no elaborate introduction. The iconic destination is where Japan’s fish traders gather to barter for the best fishes and where avid global foodies congregate to savour the freshest sashimi.

However, Tsukiji Fish Market’s current venue at Chuo Ward, Tokyo, will have to shift to a new location on 07 Nov 2016 to make way for the 2020 Olympic Games.

If you want to visit the market at its original venue, we suggest you start making your travel plans now before it ceases operations on 02 Nov 2016.

Fish Market


Tsukiji Fish Market’s official move is estimated at ¥200 billion and the new 40-hectare space will be located at Toyosu, Koto Ward.

This new location is more than 1.5 miles away from the current address. While many are saddened by the fact that the traditional tuna auctions will not feel the same as before, the shift is ultimately for the better.



Tokyo Metropolitan Fisheries Wholesale Association Director Eisuke Urawa explained that the move is absolutely necessary, especially when the present-day sanitation levels are not up to standards.

The current space is also too small and unsafe for the large scale of operations.

Tuna Auction


The new Tsukiji Fish Market will be inherently different, where hundreds of wholesale vendors will then be contained in a larger multi-storey complex.

The closed off building’s temperature and climate would be controlled to keep the produce fresh and hygienic. This also means that visitors no longer have the luxury of wandering around freely like before.

Tokyo Tsukiji Market


If you would like to experience the age-old Tsukiji Fish Market like how it has been operating for the past eight decades, then there is certainly no other better time to visit than now.

Important note: Bear in mind that the public is currently prohibited to watch the tuna auctions till 17 Jan 2016. This is to facilitate smooth business transactions during peak periods. Fret not if your main agenda is to eat, as other parts of the market will remain open to public.

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