Calories in 12 Popular Chinese New Year Snacks

CNY Snacks Collage

We usually do not think much when it comes to snacking during Chinese New Year. Granted, there is nothing wrong with pigging out on snacks on the first couple of days of the Chinese New Year. After all, what is CNY without these liberated joys, right?

But can we just tell you how these processed cookies and snacks contain a lot of sugar and other potentially harmful ingredients? Sorry to burst your bubble but everyone should know how much calories you are taking in every time you pop a pineapple tart into your mouth.

This is a list of Calories in Popular Chinese New Year Snacks.

#1 Bak Kwa – 179 calories per slice
#2 Cornflake Cookie – 82.8 calories per piece
#3 Green Pea Cookie – 53.33 calories per piece
#4 Kueh Bahulu -40 calories per piece
#5 Kueh Bangkit – 23 calories per piece
#6 Kueh Lapis – 157 calories per piece
#7 Love Letter – 112 calories per piece
#8 Mini Dried Shrimp Spring Roll – 22 calories per piece
#9 Nian Gao – 482 calories per serving
#10 Peanut & Almond Cookie – 72 calories per piece
#11 Pineapple Tart - 82 calories per piece
#12 Sugee  Cookie – 53 calories per piece

Bak kwa


3 slices of Bak Kwa equates to 7 bowls of rice. We know how hard it is to resist these sweet pork jerky, but you should have no more than 1-2 regular slices in a day.

Average: 179 calories per slice

Cornflake cookie


These sweet treats are totally amazing to munch on, and we remember going crazy for these when we were kids. Unfortunately, all good things in life are fattening. We sure hate how these seemingly small and innocent cookies are so sinful.

Average: 82.8 calories per piece

green pea cookies


You might think that green peas are healthy but since they are already processed and made into cookies, the calorie count for 3 small cookies is  a whopping 160. Lovely to much on indeed, but so very horribly bad for our waistline!

Average: 53.33 calories per piece

Kueh Bahulu


This is a childhood favourite for many and it is something we must enjoy during the lunar festival. While no one is stopping you from treating yourselves to this Chinese New Year snack please note that it is not as innocent.

Average: 40 calories per piece

Kueh Bangkit


These melt-in-your-mouth coconut cookies are a definite crowd pleaser, and we love them too! Take no more than 5 in one day. Remember, you still have other Chinese New Year goodies to munch on too.

Average: 23 calories per piece

Kueh Lapis


We absolutely adore kueh lapis and it is something we have difficulties saying no to, but because of the amount of butter in it (that makes it so tasty), a slice of kueh lapis is a crazy 157 calories! Unfortunately, we love kueh lapis, but we do not enjoy running as much.

Average: 157 calories per piece

Love letters


Love letters are one of the most addictive Lunar New Year goodies; actually, any time of the year. It might interest you to know that  one love letter is 112 calories, making it a snack with one of the highest calorie counts.

Average: 112 calories per piece

dried shrimp sambal roll


These are really tiny and easy to forget how many you have already had. Always happens to us, so we feel you. But please read on to find out the calorie count per piece. Yes, it is very sickening.

Average: 22 calories per piece

Nian gao


Nian Gao is a popular staple every Chinese New Year but the calorie count is too high a price to pay. We are definitely gonna cut a smaller slice for ourselves this year.

Average: 482 calories per serving

PeanutAlmond cookies


Peanut or almond – whatever the flavour, these can be very addictive. And each piece contains about 72 calories! You are welcome.

Average: 72 calories per piece

Pineapple tarts


Our ultimate favourite, and sadly, the darnest thing to eat. We should be telling you to not eat more than 3 pieces, but we are finding it hard to practise what we preach ourselves.

Average: 82 calories per piece

Sugee cookies


Sugee cookies are the bomb! Another Chinese New Year snack that we love for the crunch and buttery taste, but the extra laps we have to jog for them… let’s just stick to 3 pieces.

Average: 53 calories per piece

*For our calorie calculations, we took an average from 5 different sources. It is important to note that our calculations are based on an average and will not be accurate for every single snack, as they all differ from each other, some more than others. Hence, our calculations provide you with the closest possible average to these popular Chinese New Year snacks, according to individual serving sizes and the most common way they are served.

Sources: My Fitness Pal, Fat Secret, Calorie Count, Calorie King, Spark People & USDA.

Illustrations for ladyironchef by Anna.