Brother Bird – New Soft Serve & Mochi Donut Cafe

Brother Bird Soft Serve

Located strategically along Bali Lane, taking over the space of the now-defunct Honeycomb, Brother Bird is a brand new concept by the folks behind Stateland Cafe. They are probably no strangers by now, for they have been dominating the social media platforms with their ultra adorable looking soft serve.

Soft serve is definitely here to stay and we are loving it. Those bright green coloured swirls of goodness that you have seen around? Yipe, they are amazing.

Brother Bird

This comforting cafe reminds us a lot of Stateland Cafe – very minimal, warm and inviting. This simple concept is actually very refreshing. They did not overdo anything, nor did they try to fluff their interior and food; definitely something we appreciate very much.

We had the Classic (S$12.90) – which is soft serve with salted caramel, kinako powder, almond crunch and berries crisps. Every month, the folks at Brother Bird will whip up new flavours (two at a time, on a rotational basis) and we got a taste of two magnificent ones – Matcha & Cookie Butter.

Matcha Lemonade

On our plate, we were greeted by the ingenious ‘mochi donut’. Co-owner, lovingly nicknamed ‘Bird’, told us that when he first experimented with his donut recipes, he realised that the donut turned soggy very quickly with the soft-serve sitting on top. Hence, he used glutinous flour instead for the mochi-like texture, which is truly brilliant.

We picked a dual swirl of the two flavours to accompany our mochi donut, and it was topped off with crushed speculoos, kinako powder and crushed freeze-dried raspberries. All their toppings and condiments are freshly made in store.

We were amazed to see Matcha Lemonade (S$4.90) on the menu, two flavours that we never knew would go well together, but they did. However, it is definitely an acquired taste.

Brother Bird
30 Bali lane
Singapore 189966
Tel: +65 9800 7628
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
Closed: Tue
Nearest Station: Bugis

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