g.spa – This Gem of a S$3.5mil Spa in Singapore Opens For 24 Hours Every Day

G Spa

g.spa is certainly no new kid in town, but it is quite possibly a hidden gem that many dismiss too quickly from its old building’s facade. We were one of those who overlooked them every time we drove past Guillemard Road, for the building looks really unpromising from the outside and we honestly did not think much.

Some time last month, we stepped in for a spa session, and we were shocked; somewhat dumbfounded, in fact! g.spa is HUGE, and this S$3.5mil development is as elaborate, if not more than most of the reputable spa places in Singapore.

G Spa Room

And just when you think it is “just another spa house”, you might want to bring your attention to their facilities. g.spa is open for 24hours and it offers a whole range of signature treatments. That’s not all. The admission also includes unlimited helpings of food from G-café.

Readers of ladyironchef get a promotion of S$50 off your main treatments when you quote “Ladyironchef” upon booking/ checking out. More details at the end of this post.

G Spa Entrance


We cannot think of any less cliche phrases but to say “do not judge a book by its covers”. As much as we can be very superficial at times when it comes to aesthetics, we were totally proven wrong by g.spa’s old-looking building. But step in and you will start your spa journey with this grand entrance that is far from old-looking.

A 24,000 sq.ft spa awaits. It is huger than you think, and for the three hours that we spent in there, we got lost numerous times. The premise is dimly lit and provides sufficient privacy, and it adopts an oriental look that is no less relaxing.

Now, let’s go on with the maze.

G Spa Pool


There are designated areas for both males and females, so no one needs to feel intruded or uncomfortable.

Steam rooms are traditionally used to cause sweat because when the pores are opened, salts and toxins are removed from the body and cleansing takes place. But these days, steam rooms are also promoted as a pre-treatment relaxation, as well as relieve the body of any congestion.

The various hot and cold pools are among the hugest in Singapore’s spa history, and the males have it even better with the most stunning one – you probably would have seen photos of this pool everywhere on social media, magazines and what-have-you.

G Spa Seminar Room


Want even more privacy without anyone disturbing you before and after your treatment? Book a VIP room at a nominal charge of S$30 to S$40 per hour. What’s so great about the rooms that we should totally top-up for it, right?

Because it has a large TV screen all to yourselves, a huge sofa, wifi connection, and can even double up as a meeting space! No, really. We heard the businessmen love to go for their respective spa treatments, then adjourn to a semi-formal discussion while still reaping in the post-spa benefits and comfort.

And if the VIP rooms are not huge enough for you, there is a Seminar Room that extends over 500 sq.ft and can hold up to thirty people. Spa and work do sound like a good combination after all.


Ample seats for you to sink in to relax. Go into slumber or simply zone out pre/post treatment; your body will thank you for that quality rest.

G Spa Cafe


Eat your fill; we mean it. The admission includes unlimited helpings of food from G-cafe that is within the same premise, and it is most definitely one of the biggest entitlement that worked for us. It is like buffet, except that you eat round the clock now!

G Spa Food

So you might be skeptical about their food. We were, too. And we were actually expecting typical bland and healthy spa food; boy, were we so wrong. We actually gobbled up every dish that we ordered?! The menu comprises sandwiches, Asian and Western mains, vegetarian options, and a selection of beverages that include fresh fruit juices, ginger tea (their signature and our favourite) and your regular sodas.

Chicken Curry

The menu changes weekly so that regulars will always have something to look forward to, and our picks are most definitely the curry chicken and kong-bao chicken rice.

G Spa facilities


With so many facilities to distract us, we can hardly keep our focus on the spa services itself. But while we are still exploring them ourselves, we are happy to share that their signature ‘Gateway to Vitality’ is not popular without a reason. For those who fancy strong massages, this will have the masseurs going right for your pressure points.

The series of Chinese Meridian Therapy is also recommended for those who are seeking relief to body aches. Couple treatments are available too, and they are done in the privacy of couple rooms.

G Spa Shower


g.spa opens round the clock, in case you missed this part. Incredible and so very convenient. And their admission system works in our favour.

You see, as long as you book yourself for a treatment here at g.spa, even if it is just an hour-long massage, you are entitled to enjoy the facilities (and food) for 24 hours from the time you check in. We cannot think of a better deal than this, because you pay lesser than what you actually get!

Alternatively, there is also an a la carte admission that you may purchase if you just want to use the facilities and dine at G-cafe without having any spa treatments done. For non-members, it is S$68; members pay S$58. Whichever way, it is still cheaper than a night’s stay at a hotel, and this includes wifi and food!

G Spa Toilet


Just for you readers of Ladyironchef, we have partnered with g.spa and are extending a promotion of S$50 off your main treatments (from now till 31 Jan 2016) when you quote “Ladyironchef” upon booking/ checking out. This is valid for all first-timers to g.spa, or if you haven’t visited in the last 12 months.

102 Guillemard Road, #02-02
Singapore 399719
Tel: +65 6280 8988
Daily: 24 Hours
Nearest Station: Mountbatten

This post is brought to you by g.spa.