Here’s Where You Can Try Crazy #OverTheTop Milkshakes In Singapore

Cake Spade Unicorn Cake Shake

The pretty desserts and cakes at Cake Spade have earned a prime spot on our social media feeds. And recently, they upped their ante with this gorgeous Unicorn Cake Shake (S$14.90). Totally bringing milkshakes to a whole new level!

The cafe revels in the philosophy that every dessert dished out is a symbol of celebration, and therefore, should be executed with the best efforts.

Cake Spade

Cake Spade does away with all the unnecessary cafe decor and keeps the interior space simple, shining with their extensive cake options instead.

The cafe sits a mere twelve people, but it also has a small alfresco area to accommodate all the Cake Spade loving individuals.

Cake Spade Unicorn Shake vertical

Cake Spade has also jumped on the Over The Top Milkshakes bandwagon on weekdays after 5pm and on weekends – presenting you their rendition of these insanely photogenic treats with crazy overflowing toppings that will send you on one helluva milkshake experience.

Their Unicorn Cake Shake (S$14.90) left us dumbfounded, garnished with a “salad” of fluffy Cotton Candy, a slice of Red Velvet Cake, Old-school Biscuits, Grape Wafer Biscuits, lots of Nutella Rainbow Sprinkles with a Vanilla milkshake as the base – an extremely lethal combination that will send you on a sugary high.

But, it is worth the go. This dessert is one of those bucket list items, and for the FOMOs, you need to have this on your Instagram, right?

Cake Spade
Orchid Hotel
1 Trans Link, #01-06
Singapore 078867
Tel: +65 6444 3868
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 9pm
Fri to Sun: 12pm – 10:30pm
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar