Top 5 Bars In Keong Saik To Go For Drinks After Work

Keong Saik

Transforming itself from a red light district in the 1960s into today’s trendy neighborhood, Keong Saik has successfully shaken off its notorious past, reinventing itself with some of the best restaurants and bars in Singapore.

Assuming you plan on boozing at the crème de la crème of bars at Keong Saik, we’ll assume part of that strategy will include reading this article. Let’s just say it’s a more “specific” strategy.

Here are the Top 5 Bars in Keong Saik Road You Must Check Out:

Copper Bar


Scrupulously designed to look like a drinkery from a futuristic steampunk era (assuming steampunk is the in thing in the future), this eclectic new eye-boner-ing gin bar exudes a dark sense of mystery—we’re talking skulls, test tubes and beakers—that lures one (too many) into its alcoholic den. Not that we’d mind. The intimate two-storey space focuses on gin, gin, and more gin (read: over 60 gins and 30 self-infused gin concoctions). Sounds sexy? We know, and it’s about to get sexier.

Available on tap are four variations of the classic negroni (S$18) where you will be consumed with desire to have a go at each. Do so. But if you really must choose, Classico and Copper Avenue bode extremely well with the palate; the former done the traditional way with The Botanist gin, and the latter; a twist on the Left Hand with a touch of amaretto. Believe us, it’s strong. Also, we should mention that there’s a hibiscus and chamomile gin-moscato number called the Athena’s elixir (S$24) that full of floral, herbaceous notes. Drink it.

10 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089264
Tel: +65 6222 5565
Mon to Wed: 6pm to 12am
Thu to Sat: 6pm to 3am
Nearest Station: Outram Park


In Singapore’s burgeoning food scene, Lollapalooza is the blueprint for impeccable dining and service standards, and of course, wine. Surely you know someone (read: you) who could benefit from some exquisite champagne and wine. Sounds date worthy? It is. So bring a date, or a mate. There’s a rotating range of 20 champagnes and wines available by the glass and half bottle formats, with over 90 wines on the menu. Eliminate all thoughts of wines by the glass being total crap, because these will change your mind.

If you’re a fan of white wines, Soave Classico “La Rocca”, Pieropan (S$31.50) is simply outstanding. Elegant aromatics of honey and almond brim on the nose, before developing intense flavors of pressed flowers and vanilla.

And If you’re in the mood to celebrate, rise to the occasion with a glass of grower champagne. The Champagne Marie Demets, Tradition NV (S$26) is delicate and clean on the mid-palate, with aromas of ripe fruit that will not disappoint.

1A Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089109
Tel: +65 6221 3538
Mon to Sat: 6pm to 11pm
Nearest Station: Outram Park

Studio 1939 (Potato Head Bar)


You must’ve been to Potato Head Folk, or at least heard of them (and their deceptively coy “naughty fries” that will have you eating out the palm of their hand). But have you heard about their bar? If you haven’t, prepare to be enlightened. Ascend the stairs to level three. There’s where enlightenment begins—with over 40 rums.

We’re not religious, but it must be said. The Temple of Excellia (S$25) reigns in the godly (drinking) realm, penetrating one’s senses with oaky, bitter and sweet notes of dried fruit and rich honeycomb. Ascend into a higher realm with the beetroot and horseradish pickled quail eggs (S$10) and Johnny Drum private stock 9 bourbon-pickled onions (S$9)—you can’t go wrong when pickling with 15-year aged bourbons. Take the Silk Tea Route (S$24) and get Hooked On A Feeling (S$24); a bourbon, and rum-based cocktail where layering flavor complexities make an appearance in your favor.

Also, the bar opens before noon. Some people get drinks at that time.

36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6327 1939
Tue to Sun: 11am to 12am
Nearest Station: Outram Park

The Cufflink Club


No novice in the bar scene is The Cufflink Club; its undeniably bold aura exhibited in its sleek New York-esque interior and achingly attractive cocktails. Start with gin-based Jiak the Ripper (SS$23) that awakens the palate with tart and fruity notes coupled with a tinge of herby bitterness, and work your way through the cocktail prowess of bartender Aaron Goodall. Like Berlusconi (SS$20); an egg-white number that employs pink grapefruit, mandarin, sour lemon and aperol bitters that will have you lapping it up in no time, and Porn Star (SS$28)—go the whole nine yards and tip in the champagne (so what if there’s already vodka in there?).

There’s also a tightly curated menu of pizzas to soak up the aforementioned liquids. It’s not much, but it’s all you’ll need. Order the NYC style (SS$18) pizza. It’s got the usual suspects of house cherry tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano and it’s pretty darn amazing.

6 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089262
Tel: +65 9694 9623
Mon to Thu: 5pm to 1am
Fri: 5pm to 2am
Sat: 6pm to 2am
Nearest Station: Outram Park

The Library


On the outside: a weekly password for entry that borders on being pretentious. On the inside: discreetly potent cocktails. On your inside: great pleasure. Saddle up onto a bar stool or cozy your date and yourself into one of the plush couch seats (where it’s more intimate). If this is a date situation, you’ll need a Silver Screen (S$23). Think of it whichever way you like, but this popcorn-infused bourbon-based beauty has a citrusy and spicy soft finish with its house-mix of 3D bitters; angostura, orange and Peychaud’s, that’s bound to heat things up (even if your date doesn’t).

There’s an option to take it slow and easy with a refreshing Piscotheque (S$23)—think sweet notes of pink guava and passion fruit that blossom in the mouth with a dry, savory-sweet finish. Then get the party started with a Foursome in the Jungle (S$32). You’ve seen this in a dream. Here, your dreams turn into reality (albeit a little differently) where Mina Real mezcal and spiced Rooibos rum form the basis for a good time, alongside citrus notes of pineapple and lime. Play your cards right and you’ll get to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

47 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089153
Tel: +65 6221 8338
Daily: 6pm to 1:30am
Nearest Station: Outram Park

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