10 Ways To Avoid Being A Pesky Tourist


Don’t be that person – you know, that annoying traveller who disturbs the peace, creates all kinds of trouble and gets on everyone’s nerves. Oh, and gives his or her country a bad rep. There’s just something about being on the road or going to another country that surfaces the worst habits of humanity.

Sometimes it may be something you do unintentionally, but it’s just bad form to keep rubbing people the wrong way. So here are 10 ways on how to avoid being that rude, obnoxious and overbearing traveller that drives others up the wall.



#1. Don’t be unprepared at the airport security queue, you’ll only hold up the line and irk those rushing for their flights. Even if you’re not a frequent flyer, it’s common knowledge that jackets come off, gadgets get taken out and small bottles of liquids go into a plastic bag. Come on, it’s not that hard.

#2. Picking an argument with airport staff? Don’t go there. It’s not that particular person’s fault that your flight got delayed or cancelled, or that your bags never made it on the plane. By yelling and getting physical, you’re only embarrassing yourself (and the people with you). Just be reasonable and work with that person for the next best alternative.



#3. Pack light and pack smart for your carry-on luggage. You don’t want to monopolise all the room in the overhead bins, neither do you want to bring the boarding line to a halt when you’re rummaging through the bag to find stuff you need for the flight.

#4. Loud talkers are not appreciated. No one wants to hear every single detail about your latest break-up or your kid’s science project or your disdain for your colleagues. That goes for loud music, too. There are other people on the plane, you know.

#5. Don’t moan and grumble incessantly to the person next to you. They might appreciate a smile and a bit of small talk, but they really don’t need to hear your innermost struggles for the entire duration of the flight.

#6. Are you a sad drunk? A loud one? Or an angry one? Well, no one really cares, because they’d rather you not mess around, especially when you’re sitting next to them.

#7. It’s basic courtesy to, you know, smell decent when you’re about to be stuck in an enclosed space with hundreds of others for prolonged periods of time. Shower, wear deodorant, and maybe don’t take off your shoes if your feet have been sweating all day. Same goes for any kind of food that stinks up the entire plane. Please don’t smuggle in tuna, garlic sauce, durian or anything along those lines. Just, please.



#8. Non-stop, overenthusiastic photo taking really isn’t the best way to bond with your fellow travellers… unless they’re all just as obsessed with photography as you are.

#9. Constantly complaining and whining? Keep in mind that no one wants to be around a negative Nelly. It’s not cool to moan about everything from transport delays to wrong directions to unexpected weather conditions. You just might find yourself going solo after that.

#10. Forgetting cultural nuances and shouting or speaking slowly when people don’t understand your language… that’s a big no-no. Read up on your destination beforehand and pick up a few basic terms in their language if you can. Ignorance is not bliss.

About the writer:
Alicia Lee is a dessert junkie with a serious (and probably incurable) case of wanderlust. Never one to pass up on retail therapy, she loves a great bargain and can usually be spotted on weekends browsing through quirky shops or chillaxing at a quiet cafe.