Why You Should Eat Tomatoes

Benefits of tomatoes

I need more than a pair of hands to count the number of people I know who would cringe at the slight mention of tomatoes, as with many other acquired produce like brinjal, lady’s fingers and olives. I can forgive all of these, but everyone should give tomatoes a chance.

In fact, the benefits of consuming tomatoes are infinite.

We have all heard of certain old wives’ tales, like how tomatoes boost a garden’s fertility. Well, this doesn’t really bother me actually, because I am so much more concerned about how the little red fruit (yes, it is a fruit. Remember how our primary school teachers would tell us that anything that has seeds are fruits?) is one nutrient-dense super food.

Red, plump, juicy and sweet. These are just about the right adjectives to use, and tomatoes are best eaten raw. For starters, if eating raw tomatoes is harder than chewing sand, try drizzling some honey over them. Or chuck them in your sandwich so that your meat patty can distract you. There are many easy ways to eat tomatoes, and if you can just get over the fact that it is but a garnish, you will come to love its taste. If you need to know, I grew up thinking if I want to eat the fries on my plate of Western food, I had to eat that damn red slice too. And it made me cringe so bad.

But it is a completely different story now. To earn your acceptance further? It is your answer to clear, pimple-free skin – the au naturel way. Here, we discuss the five health benefits of eating tomatoes.


Tomatoes are one of the most common antioxidant fruits. And you know what they say about antioxidants, right? They are essential in fighting diseases, and the power-packed antioxidants found in fresh fruits help combat the free radicals that our bodies frequently produce, hence neutralizing our bloodstream and keeping us healthy.

The antioxidants in tomatoes also prevent maturing of our skin. Yay to good complexion!

Tomatoes benefits


I will spare you the science lesson, but just remember – packed with folic acid, Vitamins A and C, tomatoes are excellent for preventing cancer and heart diseases. Especially for colorectal and breast cancer. The next time you toss a salad, you know what you must not miss out on.


Your solution to regulating Nature’s Calls. Tomatoes have very high water content, and are high in fiber. Eating tomatoes help to hydrate the body and promote regular bowel movements. Start your day with a pretty red tomato, and I promise Nature will call you within an hour or two.


Eating tomatoes may not excite you that much, and I am weighing retail therapy’s effects on my happiness level but heck, stocking up on the fruit is a lot more cost-effective in maintaining my well-being. The folic acid in tomatoes is what we have to be thankful for, because it prevents something called the ‘homocysteine’ from forming in our bodies – which are effectively blockages that disallow nutrients to reach our brains. Just that big word alone is enough to cause me depression, so let’s go back to tomatoes.

Oh yes, tomatoes help to regulate our moods and appetite, too!



An ancient belief is to eat one raw tomato every day to have clear skin that exudes radiance and a healthy glow. Today, it is tested and proven to be true, and scientists will assure you that the fruit beats any expensive serums and facial creams.

Tomatoes contain ‘lycopene’, the natural pigment that gives the fruit its bright hue. And it is also a type of antioxidant, hence keeps skin looking young and protects against sunlight exposure.

And by the way, as much as I hate science, I trust these points and I promise to consciously inculcate tomatoes in my daily life.