Join us for Asher BWS Wine Appreciation Event

Asher Wine Appreciation

We always hear about wine and cheese, wine and steaks, wine and seafood… and the list goes on.

And have you ever wondered how they work? Or are you simply baffled by the variations that you do not know where to begin? We were once caught in such confusion too, and that is why we are partnering with Asher BWS to conduct a first ever Ladyironchef wine appreciation session where you will be exposed to the wonderful world of wines.

Learn all you can about the differences, discover the ideal pairings, and you will never look at your food the same way again. Because everything is just more wonderful with a glass of your favourite drink.

Wine & Cheese

10 readers and their +1 get to join me for ladyironchef x Asher BWS’s wine tasting & appreciation event.

ladyironchef x Asher BWS Wine Appreciation Event
Date: 10 May 2014, 4pm – 6pm
Venue: Spruce, Phoenix Park (320 Tanglin Road)
Guests: This event is capped at 20 pax.

We are having a wine tasting & appreciation session at Spruce on 10 May (Saturday) 4pm. This event is free for readers of ladyironchef. 10 readers get to bring a friend each to join me to learn more about wine, courtesy of Asher BWS.

A wine master from Beam Global Asia will be conducting the wine appreciation session, to share and discuss with us about wine. During the event, we will be sampling endless glasses of wines from Brown Brothers wine collection, with cheese platters to go along.

Not to worry even if you know nothing about wine. The aim of the event is for us to come together to learn something new about wine, so everyone is welcomed! It will be a casual and fun afternoon filled with endless glasses of wines, fun and company.

To join me at Asher BWS’s wine appreciation event, you just need to ‘like’ Asher BWS’s facebook page, and leave a comment in this post to tell us why you want to come for the wine appreciation event. The contest ends on 30 Apr 2359hrs. The selected readers will be notified by email.

Updated on 2 May // The 10 selected readers are Claus, Phoebe, Matilda, Wei Zhe, Kelly, Jo, Ian, Marcus, Shireen and Cel Wong.

Asher BWS is a website which offers the most comprehensive ranges of beer, wine and spirits products online. It aims to educate and encourage the appreciation of alcoholic beverages among consumers, and at the same time, provide convenience by delivering the products to your doorstep.