The First Rule of Blogging

Blogging Transparency

Given the amount of influence bloggers have on consumer behaviour, I think it’s only fair that bloggers maintain transparency and let readers know what they’re getting into.

There have been recent cases where bloggers in other countries got into trouble for failing to declare their interest. So I will like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things.

Credibility is very important for a blogger, and I strongly believe in maintaining trust and honesty in our unique relationship. I will only recommend restaurants/products/services, whether I’ve paid for it or that they are given to me as gifts; if they’re something that I believe in.

I never want you to question my motives, so I will always highlight advertorials, sponsored reviews, or invited media tastings (read: Guidelines to Food Tasting.) Since we are clarifying house rules, note that all photos on my food blog are taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

Have a good Sunday guys. Do follow me on Pinterest and twitter too.