5 Life Lessons Learned from Eating in Restaurants

Restaurant Dining

I like eating in restaurants. To me, it is never just about the food, it is also about the ambience, and the company.

When I am dining out, I always can’t stop myself from noticing everything that’s happening in the restaurant: the staff, the menu, the layout, and the interior. I think it’s becoming a job hazard, but I guess it’s a good thing as I’ve come to learn quite a few things from observing.

Besides those that I’ve mentioned, there are other important things to be learned when we are dining out. Here are 5 Life Lessons Learned from Eating in Restaurants.

#1 Food always looks better on the opposite table. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Don’t envy others for what they have, focus on what you have.

#2 Be nice to yourself, because if you don’t, nobody will. Not everyone can afford to eat at nice posh restaurants on a regular basis. But everyone should occasionally indulge in a good meal, especially during a special occasion. Eating good food is one of the few things that can make us truly happy and satisfied.

#3 No matter what you do, always be well-prepared. Which romantic restaurant to go for your anniversary? Read ladyironchef of course. The point is, you should always be well-prepared. Just like how you will read food blogs to find out more about a particular restaurant, you should also put in effort for everything else.

Going for a job interview? Find out more about the company. Meeting your prospective mother-in-law? Find out what she likes. Always be well-prepared.

#4 There are no stupid questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are eating at a fine dining restaurant. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask for something, and don’t worry about the snobbish staff judging you because chances are, most of them can’t afford to dine there all the time too.

Likewise, don’t let your fear of embarrassment keep you from doing or asking anything in life.

#5 Always keep your options open. Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican (just to name a few) – there are so many cuisines, so many different restaurants to try. The same logic applies in life. There are many options out there, don’t limit yourself. Keep your options open, you never know what will happen next.

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