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Sansui Ginger Chicken

To most people, soup is comfort food. And lucky for me, I am fortunate to have home-cooked soup prepared lovingly by my mom all the time. This probably explains why it has never crossed my mind to step into the hugely popular Soup Restaurant. Until today.

Soup Restaurant probably needs no further introduction; it is a household name for double-boiled soup and homely Chinese fare.

The menu has quite a variety of dishes, which range from meats ($8.9-13.9), fish ($10.9-12.9), seafood ($14.9-18.9), tofu and eggs ($7.5-8.9), vegetables ($7.9-12.9) and boiled soups ($6.9-8.9).

Most customers, though, go for the popular Chinatown heritage dishes, such as Hometown Tofu, and their Traditional Boiled Soups.

Soup restaurant

A trip to Soup Restaurant would not be complete without sampling their signature Samsui Ginger Chicken ($15.9 for small).

Like any eatery serving home-cooked dishes, Soup Kitchen is a good option anytime you want a light and simple meal. It’s really not difficult to see why they are so popular: decent Chinese food at affordable prices, with many outlets.

I wouldn’t mind eating at soup kitchen, but only if I don’t have to queue for half an hour just to get a table.

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Soup Restaurant
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Tel: +65 6376 9969
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