10 Things To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

10 Things To Eat in Kuala Lumpur

This Kuala Lumpur trip has been long overdue as I was supposed to go up earlier to visit my friends and the Malaysian Food Bloggers. Can you actually believe that my previous trip was in July last year? If you like food, you will love KL. The city is like a foodie heaven, there are so many restaurants, cafes, eateries and street food everywhere.

It’s difficult to limit this post with just 10 choices since there are so many good food in KL But after stuffing myself with food for three days, here’s my 10 Things To Eat in Kuala Lumpur.

For the three days in Kuala Lumpur, all I had was food, food, food and more food. I’m not kidding. We started early in the morning everyday, and we ate all the way until night, and the cycle repeated itself the next day. It’s probably a good thing that KL is a big place and we could try to digest the food in between the traveling time.

Marufuku Best Udon in KL

Find your way to Petaling Jaya – just for Marufuku Udon

I’m not a fan of the Japanese Udon, but I actually fell in love with Marufuku, a new Japanese Udon restaurant located at the trendy Jaya One in Petaling Jaya. It is kind of difficult to describe Jaya One, the place is like a dining destination with lots of nice restaurants and hip bars. I immediately thought of Dempsey Hill & Holland Village, but my friends told me that it isn’t a good comparison since Jaya One isn’t as high-end, and also because there are plenty of similar dining clusters in Petaling Jaya and the other parts of Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, I digressed. Marufuku converted me into a new Udon fan with its sublime interpretation of the noodle. My first reaction was: everything’s so cheap & affordable (even for local standards)! A bowl of Udon is around RM7-8, and each stick of the fantastic Yakitori is only RM2-3.

We were oblivious to everyone else in the restaurant, concentrating only on the bowl of udon in front of us. It looked simple and healthy. We picked up a pair of chopsticks, slurped the first mouthful of noodles, and everything disappeared in a flash. The bowl of udon was gone, and we continued the party with the arrival of sake, karaage, kakiage tempura, and countless sticks of Yakitori (momo). We ate, and ate, and sigh, and wished that dinner would never end.

Marufuku Japanese Udon
L-18-G-1, Grd Floor,
Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan University,
PJ, Selangor.
Tel: +603 7957 6368

KL Best Nasi Lemak

Have the best Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur

It’s really difficult/impossible to pinpoint the best Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur since there are so many good Nasi Lemak shops around. Kenny brought me to Damansara Uptown, and there, I had one of the best Nasi Lemak (RM7) at Village Park. The rice was very fragrant, and you could taste the texture of every grain. The chill was spicy and addictive, and it came with a huge chicken drumstick. Everything was just so tasty! If not for the fact that I was trying to save my stomach for lunch, I’d have ordered a second serving.

Village Park Restaurant
45, Jalan ss21/37
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7710 7860

Delectable by Su Designer Cakes

Satisfy your Sweet tooth with the best cupcakes from Delectable By Su, desserts by Just Heavenly and High Tea at The Haute Food Co Cafe

In the Kuala Lumpur foodie community, everyone knows Su. She started from sharing her lovely bakes on her food blog, and went on to open her designer cake boutique, Delectable by Su at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

Delectable by Su
S-213, Level 2, The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL
Tel: +603 2283 5157

A Slice Of Heaven Cakes

I heard so much about the cakes by A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly Bakery from the KL Food Bloggers. After the dinner at Marafuku, we went to get desserts. The funny thing is, I don’t remember much of it.

Dessert was a blur of sugar: we wrecked havoc on the seemingly innocent Red Velvet Cupcake – it was delicious. We proceeded to destroy the Cherry Cheesecake next, a heavy and cheesy cake topped with sourish red cherries. Under the influence of gin tonic and sake, I took a small nibble of the famous Just Heavenly’s Chocolate durian cake. The last dessert Death by Chocolate, was essentially a chocolate mousse cake, it was all mousse and no cake.

A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly
At Jaya One (next to Cold Storage)
Blk E, B2
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200, Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 2287 9866

The Haute Food Co Cafe

If I have a Cafe next time, it will be very similar to The Haute Food Co Cafe at Plaza Damas. Located at a lazy corner in Plaza Damas, The Haute Food Co Cafe serves very simple and unpretentious comfort food: sandwiches, pasta, coffee, breakfast food, and all the lovely desserts. We had the afternoon tea special (after 3.30pm), for RM16, you get a slice of cake with hot coffee/tea. There’s nothing better than having a slice of Chocolate hazelnut cake, tiramisu, sticky date pudding with ice cream, and a cup of coffee, on a Sunday afternoon.

The Haute Food Co Cafe
H-0-2, Block H
Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, KL
Tel: +603 6201 3168

Ramly Burger

Eat as many Ramly Burger as you can

This, is the burger. Do you really need me to elaborate on the Ramly burger? Eat, as many, as you can. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Yut Kee Hainanese Coffeeshop

Have Breakfast at Yut Kee, the oldest (& most popular) Hainanese coffee shop in KL

If you ever find yourself having breakfast at Yut Kee, please do everyone a favor and order the Roti Babi. It is a sandwich made from white bread and stuffed with shredded pork, onions, and crabmeat; dipped in egg and deep fried. Becky and Marcky ordered the Lam Mee which I felt was too heavy for breakfast, but the belachan sauce that came along with it was really hot and spicy. I had high hopes for the Hainanese Pork Chops since Yut Kee is a Hainanese coffee shop. Served with lots of onions, and bits of mixed vegetables, their pork chops were drizzled with a brown gravy instead of the sweet sauce that I was familiar with.

Best Breakfast in KL

And then of course, we had the kaya toast & half boiled eggs. Unlike the ones that we get in Singapore, they do not toast the bread with any spread inside. So you get the full experience of spreading the kaya and the butter, and watching it melt slowly within the toast. And then, you eat it.

Yut Kee Restaurant
35, Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2298 8108

Napalese Food Nepali Cuisine

Try an exotic cuisine when you are overseas, try Nepalese food.

I think I have a very adventurous life when it comes to food. Who will have thought that I will get my first experience of Nepalese food in Kuala Lumpur? Okay maybe I shouldn’t be surprised since I also had my first taste of Lebanese food in Sydney. We didn’t order a lot of food as this was our second stop of the food trail for the day.

The Khukri
26 Jalan Silang
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Chettinad Cuisine Banana Leaf Rice

The Chettinad Banana Leaf Rice Experience

It was quite an experience to step inside Vishal for the Chettinad banana leaf rice. They have a system where diners sit along the table on one side, while the staff serve from the other side. I unknowingly committed the mistake of sitting on the wrong side until Ciki and Jon told me. Order as much as you want, and finish off the rice with a glass of mango lassi.

Vishal Food & Catering
No. 15, Jalan Scott
Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2274 0502

Toast & Roast Best Char Siew

Go to Toast & Roast for the Best Char Siew in KL

“OMG, the char siew is so good!” I can’t remember how many times I repeated that, as I was trying to stop myself from sighing aloud. If you are the type who do not take fatty meat, I’m sorry, but the Toast & Roast’s Char Siew is definitely not something that you will enjoy.

The Char Siew was fat, and meaty, and sinful, and tasty. OMG, it’s so good!

Toast & Roast
No. 20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016 682 2249

Mr Chiam Pisang Goreng

Stand by the roadside and queue for Mr Chiam’s Pisang Goreng & Fritters

Pisang Goreng (fried banana fritter) is a snack food mostly found throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Mr Chiam operates from a small kiosk by the roadside, and besides pisang goreng, they also have kuih bakul (fried Nian Gao), curry puff, and fried sesame ball. If you are going there, remember to cross the street for the famous ice kacang/chendol place.

Mr. Chiam’s Goreng Pisang Stall
Facing the YMCA
Brickfields, KL
Tel: 012 617 2511

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Feast at Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant

I was actually feeling very full after a whole day of eating. But when the food arrived on the table, I was hungry again! The worthy mentions are the salted egg yoke sotong, and the incredible pork ribs. Go with a bigger group, and order more food!

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2274 6216.

Chendol Kuala Lumpur

… And wash everything off with Chendol

It’s killing me just by looking at the photos, I need to go back to KL soon and come up with another 10 Things to Eat in Kuala Lumpur. What are some of the other must-try items you will include for the list of best food in KL?

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