3 Inch Sin: Best Chocolate Lava Cake Singapore

3 Inch Sin

Updated: 3 Inch Sin is no longer in operations.

Stepping into 3 inch sin, I could feel something stirring inside me.

It was a feeling that I never had before, I actually felt sexually aroused by the aromatic scent and the food I saw in the shop. I could almost hear the little imp that’s sitting on the left side of my shoulder whispering: “Go on, succumb to your wildest imagination and tempt fate. You know you want the molten chocolate lava cake!”

During my first visit to 3 Inch Sin, we ordered the Mini Molten Flavors ($7 for selection of 3 mini cakes). The flavors for 3 inch sin’s molten chocolate lava cake include: Original, mint, bitter orange, coffee, hazelnut, raspberry, peanut butter, white chocolate, lemon and cherries jubilee.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Half-wishing that we could try everything on the menu, the two of us chose the original, hazelnut, and raspberry. Among the three flavors that we sampled, I liked the Raspberry molten chocolate cake the least. While the slightly sourish berry flavor provided a good counterbalance to the sweet chocolate cake; I’m sorry but (molten) chocolate lava cakes are meant to be (sweet) sweet.

I have always been a big fan of hazelnut (everything and anything should be hazelnut). Needless to say, the Hazelnut molten lava cake was excellent — the timeless classic combination of hazelnut and chocolate never fails to deliver.

The Original Chocolate lava cake was all about chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Come, sing with me: warm molten chocolate in a chocolate-y chocolate cake, warm molten chocolate in a chocolate-y chocolate cake…

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

If you are going down to 3 inch sin after looking at this blog post, I’d recommend you to order their normal size (3 inch) warm chocolate cake ($6 + $3 for a scoop of ice cream) instead of having the 3 Mini molten flavors. While the mini molten lava cakes offer variety in terms of flavor, it does not have a melty center (in short: the chocolate lava cake doesn’t flow) as the cake is too small.

Two weeks after my first visit, I went back to 3 inch sin at Cluny court again. This time, I had the original chocolate lava cake in the normal 3″ size. It was more than good, it was beyond-the-description-of-any-word.

The molten chocolate cake concealed a melty center, with lots of chocolate that’s incredibly sweet and lovely. Paired with a scoop of the cold, chilling vanilla ice cream; nobody, I repeat, no body can resist the warm chocolate cake.

Happiness is when your molten chocolate lava cake flows.

Are you looking for the best chocolate souffle or warm chocolate lava cake or whatever you call the chocolate dessert that has a melty center? Head to the new 3 inch sin at Millenia Walk.

3 Inch Sin Singapore

Sorry Max Brenner, I still love you. But now, I love 3 inch sin more.

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3 Inch Sin
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-103 Millenia Walk
Tel: +65 6333 4562
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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