Pineapple tart: Calm & Peace

With the world in it’s current chaotic state, the financial crisis which is turning the world around, the Mumbai terrorists attack, the airport saga in Bangkok, who knows what just might happen next. Banks who are supposed to know their stuff, suddenly appeared, like the amateur on the street, not knowing what they are really selling.

From planting bomb & hijacking planes secretly, they have decided to come out into the open, and sprayed at every happy folk on the street. My heart goes out to the family of the female lawyer, our people.

It’s disheartening when you know there are people struggling to survive and live a longer life, and there are people out there wanting to destroy life, the beginning of everything. And what’s with the people over at the Bangkok airport? Don’t they know that by stopping the planes in, they might have just stopped the future money coming into their country?

Working hand in hand, we try to mix everything, in an attempt to get it right.

In times like this, it is just so difficult to find a moment of peace isn’t it?

Mixing everything together, the sound of the machine goes churning away,

Staring at the square box, watching them grow and turn golden,

I listened to my own heart beat, and i found my calm and peace.