Bellabox Beauty Goodness April 2013

Bellabox BeautyPhoto credit: Bellabox

When I received my first beauty box from Bellabox, I was excited, curious and puzzled altogether. The excitement and curiosity co-exist because I had zero clue about the surprise that awaited me, and I was puzzled because I never understood the kind of happiness this now-famous beauty box has brought so many people around the world.

For a monthly subscription, you get a box of beauty goodies to sample, and as said, they come in the form of little surprises – products that are newly launched in the market, products that are popular and trending, products with benefits that are otherwise unbeknownst to consumers… they remind me of omakase where chefs will decide the menu for dinners based on his reading on the guests’ tastes and preferences, and the ingredients used might change according to what is best on the market. The best part is, of course, you really never know what you will receive.

Bellabox’s theme for April is Beauty Goodness, and they are celebrating all things yummy. Other than beauty and lifestyle products, the April’s box also features a recipe of Laurent Bernard’s famous chocolate souffle. Be sure to subscribe to Bellabox this month!

The idea of a surprise box is no longer uncommon, and its origin traces back to a very old Japanese practice – Fukubukuro. It is a custom on Japanese New Year’s Day where merchants would customize these lucky bags with items at random, and sell it to customers at a special price. With this, the trend of beauty box evolved and boomed – especially locally.

Bellabox April

Bellabox Beauty Goodness Products

Bellabox curates the season’s bests and dishes them out to fans on a monthly basis, and for the price of S$19.95 per box, you can expect 5 travel-size beauty items handpicked and exclusive for you.

Based on a comprehensive beauty profile that you fill in when you register, Bellabox is able to identify your needs, concerns and interests in different type of beauty products, and customises your Bellabox accordingly.

Each Bellabox is hand delivered to your door via a courier service, so you are able to try out the items in the comfort of your own home. Like what you tried? Buy the full-sized products via the bellabox web shop:

Souffle Recipe

And the box that I received brought me another surprise. While I was rummaging through, I thought I would only get vanity-related items, but much to my surprise, I found a Laurent Bernard recipe! And of all his heavenly creations, this is a recipe on my favourite chocolate souffle! You know how they say chocolate released endorphins for an uplifted mood, right? And happiness is often linked to our overall well-being. When we are filled with joy, we radiate a glow that no skincare can give. There you have it – the essence of beauty.

Of course, how can I forget the other goodies in the box? In addition to travel size products like Bioderma Atoderm Gel, Sasa Tango Almond Hand Cream, Nuxe Moisturizing Cream, Twistband Headbands, and Elishacoy Vivid Party Lipstick, you can also find vouchers from Sasa, and Beauty by nature. In addition, there is a bonus product Kilo Off Herbal Slimming Tea – which is perfect for a glutton like me.

For guys, Bellabox is a great gift idea for your sisters, mom and girlfriend. For ladies, Bellabox is the best way to experience new cosmetics, make up and skin products.

The monthly membership is $19.95, while you can get greater savings if you choose to go for their annual membership at S$219.45. Go to to subscribe, and follow them on twitter and facebook for more updates.