Food Bloggers’ lunch

This year, rather than wait till the end of the year, Yixiao (hautestuff) and I are organising this year’s Food Bloggers’ Lunch on Saturday, May 23.

Chef Gunther from Gunther’s has kindly prepared a 4-course Carte Blanche menu. The recession-friendly Carte Blanche lunch menu includes two starters, pasta, dessert, as well as coffee or tea – at just $45 nett.

Carte blanche is a Gunther’s expression where the chef literally creates a menu from scratch with the fresh ingredients he has available for that day. The aim of this menu is to showcase Gunther’s talent in devising unusual yet harmonious flavour combinations, allowing diners to savour extraordinary dishes like no others, one that is uniquely Gunther’s.

Based on past experiences, you can definitely count on great nosh andawesome company! What’s more, this year, Obolo, Ochacha, Tetsu, Garibaldi and Lazy Gourmet have generously sponsored some gifts – this is your chance to win something if you haven’t done so in the past few years.

We have only 25 seats so if this is right up your alley, email either of us at [email protected] or [email protected] right away. Alternatively, you can send me a text to 9623 2581 to RVSP too. Thanks for spreading the word about this lunch!

And I will like to take this opportunity to thank Gunther’s for hosting the lunch, and our various sponsors for sponsoring the prizes for our lucky draw. Last but not lest, to our designer-friend Sherms: her lovely design for our poster (Brush credit:

See you all at Gunther’s!


am i considered a food blogger? (afraid of rejection). pity i can’t make it anyway. Will be in Australia then… Gunthers. rawr

sihan: haha you are of course considered my dear, i sent you the invitation what! lol see you soon :)

fatkuraprincess: see you next time, in the meanwhile, stay hungry! heh

zay: HAHA! aiyoh, not discrimination la, but this one is just for the food bloggers to get together, not my usual lic outing :)

the next one will be, soon. heh

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