Of dumpling and birthday

Dumplings always have a special role in my heart. Well for the sake of those not familiar with dumplings, it is a Chinese food eaten during the Chinese Duan Wu festival, i’ll stop short of saying the whole history story.

Dumplings make good snacks, they are great for breakfast, high tea, and supper! But they deserve more of our attention, not just during on Duan Wu festival.

Well the reason why i have a feeling for dumplings, instead of cakes i celebrate with dumpling every year (just joking), but i always have cakes and dumplings.

Happy Birthday 30th May!


Hello Claud: Yeah i will, eat more. hahah

Hello Styke: Thanks dude!

Hello wenxiu: its alright, better be late than never ya? hahahah

Hello vicki: thanks! gimme yr xanga link!!

Hello jiaying: hahahha, thanks girl : )

Hello camemberu: Yeah i think so. lol! thanks

Hello fooidgymmie: hahaha, dumplings!!

Hello Zn: No problem, thanks!

Hello shirin: hahaha, its okay la, i’m really happy all of you wish me already : )

Hello yixiaoo: one small one small! thanks

Hello didally: thanks, it is quite a good one : )

Hello Sihan: Cheers!

Hello Kaime: really?? now i know three people who has the same birthday as me. Happy belated birthday to you too!

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