5 Fried Ice Cream Rolls In Singapore – The Next Big Thing?

21 Cube Artisan Ice Cream

This marvellous handmade dessert – or what is better known now as Ice Cream Rolls – from Thailand has been the talk of the town of late, and we are here to check out the hype.

Ice Cream Rolls are essentially made from pouring milk on an iced grill, before continuously smashing and chopping them skillfully while mixing in various toppings, be it fruits, chocolates or even marshmallows. The slightly hardened ice cream is thereafter rolled into thin pieces and drizzled with dessert sauces – so wickedly sinful, which makes us love them more.

If you have been salivating at videos of this sweet creation on your social media feeds, you should be treating yourself to a helping already. Many ice cream parlours in Singapore have picked up on this trend, bringing these Ice Cream Rolls closer to our doorsteps and our hearts.

That being said, check out theseĀ 5 Places In Singapore To Get Ice Cream Rolls!


7 Cafes In Toa Payoh – Cafe-Hopping In Your Neighbourhood

The Little Prince Creamery

Located in the Central Region of Singapore, Toa Payoh is evidently one of the oldest regions in the country and is fondly remembered for its iconic dragon-shaped playgrounds. In the recent years, cafe entrepreneurs have started to take notice of the estate and introduced the cafe culture there, making it a perfect afternoon escapade for many.

More often than not, cafe hoppers are greeted with a peaceful and quaint environment that will never remind them of the stressful life in a city. Most of these cafes are situated near to one another, making it irresistible to conquer them all while you are at Toa Payoh – like a day trip in Toa Payoh, yes?

So, we did some rounding up, and here are theĀ Cafes To Visit In Toa Payoh while you are in the area!


Yogurt Places in Singapore

Yogurt Places in Singapore

If you are among those who never understand the appeal of forking out a couple of dollars for a cup of frozen yogurt (FroYo or Frogurt) — hey we belong to the same kind, I totally understand how you feel — I was once the same, until recently.

I know that there are people who have been puzzled by my recent tweets about living a healthier lifestyle, and eating yogurt daily. Addiction is an understatement when I have been testing out all the Meiji yogurt, F & N Alive yogurt and Marigold Yogurt. If you must know the reason, everything started with this question two weeks ago:

“Why don’t you eat Yogurt? It helps in digestion and it’s good for your skin complexion too!”

I am not sure how true this claim is, but I decided there’s no harm giving it a shot. In recent months, we have seen many new Yogurt places in Singapore, and this can only be good news for all the Fro-Yo fans.