7 Restaurants to Visit in Queensland

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Over the past few years, the dining scenes in Gold Coast and Brisbane have grown tremendously. Many vibrant Australian cafés with a bohemian twist and an increasing number of authentic Asian restaurants are winning the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. Here are 7 restaurants to visit in Queensland.


Black Coffee Lyrics Gold Coast

Black Coffee Lyrics

One of the best meals that I’ve had this year was at Black Coffee Lyrics in Gold Coast. I chanced upon it when I was doing research on places to eat in Gold Coast, and I am happy to say that the recommendations online were spot-on.

It is not difficult to understand why Black Coffee Lyrics is so popular. The restaurant and cocktail bar is an “insider” spot for coffee and good food. It has a kick-ass vibe – artsy, cosy and very very cool. In short, the sort of underground cafe for those “in the know” to hang out.